OnePlus 6 or Pixel 2 XL?

With so many people asking about the differences and similarities with the Pixel 2 XL and the OnePlus 6 we might as well talk about it. Here I break it down and talk about the pros and cons of each and where each excels. These two are way closer than you may think!

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37 Replies to “OnePlus 6 or Pixel 2 XL?”

  1. Prometheus

    I’m so glad I watched your video. Right now I was in a dilemma whether to go for Pixel 2 xl or the new oneplus 6t. I’m switching over from iPhone 7 plus and so integration, fluidity, display quality and camera is my main priority. Just hope that now wtb the launch of new Pixe 3 xl, the Pixel 2 xl won’t go laggy over time l.

  2. Debra Dukes

    JD Great review definitely enjoyed.I Love Google and own a Note 8.But these are two great devices.I also have owned Oneplus and also for me taken care of their Customers.Google to this day if I need them they are there.I have not owned Pixel yet but have many Google products.Through the Years i have ownedtoo many different Devices to list.Nice Comparison though.I'm not Biased with any device because they all have their Strengths and weaknesses.If I was going to pick from these two today would be real hard for me because they are both Great in my opinion.Google is also coming out with their New devices and Oneplus 6 looks Awesome and are really great too.So to me only because waiting to see Google New devices that I say this.So I don't think anyone would go wrong with either one.Actually very curious to see Google new devices.Thanks for sharing appreciate it Deb ?

  3. jamjr7411

    When you factor in everything Op6 is a better buy. Pixel is great though. I've had both and prefer the op6. Better screen and feel in the hand.

  4. Pablo Chiesa

    Something that people (and some reviewers) often tend to forget is client support and back-end services. And on that Google wins by a huge margin, glad to see you mentioned it.

  5. Bunny

    Well s#!t ! I just placed the order for a OnePlus 6. I hope I won't be disappointed.

    Anyway, I just clicked on subscribe. Glad to have found your channel.

  6. briggm

    I used to buy new Nexus phones each year, and the two occasions I had problems Google were great, sorting out replacement devices with an absolute minimum of fuss. Last year I switched to the OnePlus 5 and had an issue with the device they sent me. Dealing with that customer service department was like dealing with a bunch of crooks or scammers. They strung me along until after my 15-day return window had closed, saying "Yes, yes, we're just looking into it" and then after the time passed where I could return the phone, they basically said, "No not our problem, sorry!"

    I will be buying the Pixel 3 XL and unlikely ever taking a chance on OnePlus' notoriously bad after sales support again.

  7. ben owen

    Nice review, the OnePlus 6 is a great phone but it's the Pixel 2 XL for me, great display despite what people say, you can't beat the pure, fluid, Android experience, duel front facing speakers, 3 years of guaranteed updates and unlimited storage for photos and videos at full resolution and IP67 water resistance oh did I mention the amazing camera? And I'm loving my Pixel 2 XL.

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