OnePlus 6 "Real Review"

OnePlus 6 “Real Review”
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37 Replies to “OnePlus 6 "Real Review"”

  1. Michael Marquez

    Yo so I'm looking for a work phone right now something that I can take to work but that has no legs and sad I'm not going to worry about if I mess it up too much and also I drive and I'm always on the phone with my boss or the other drivers so this video right here just sounded perfect bro thanks for real I think this is what I was looking for

  2. Takashi626

    Bro just read an article OnePlus 6t reported on high levels of radiation. I knew this phone had to have something. ? That's the reason they got an American carrier. It's all a conspiracy!!l

  3. MaDDeX

    All those down sides you mentioned every single one really doesn't bother me at all. I ordered oneplus 6 today for only £375 in UK and i can bet on everything i have there is nothing better that this.

  4. capolihu

    I didn't buy it eventually, maybe next year, but it was an awesome video to listen too 😀 Nice street-race car! I thought the video is from NFS game with all the lights on the wheel 🙂 I think it supports some CDMA though, especially the A6003 version

  5. Antonio

    I'm glad the price ain't too got dan hi! And I just bought this for $100 less on the current black Friday deal from One Plus directly. Sweeeet!

  6. Joe Weider

    you could be the coolest nerd THAT EVER LIVED…. great review as always… you and erica are always far above everyone else, even the other good reviewers! fun to listen to ya and thx for the review, mister! 😀

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