OnePlus 6 versus Pixel 2: camera shootout

The OnePlus 6 and the Pixel 2 are two of the best Android devices on the market. If you’re choosing between these two phones, you’re likely wondering which device has the better camera. This Pixel 2 versus OnePlus 6 camera shootout is intended to be a mini camera review of the two phones and will show you which device captures better photos and videos.



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40 Replies to “OnePlus 6 versus Pixel 2: camera shootout”

  1. Equinsu Ocha

    Just now found your video. I'll have to say, a lot of the videos I have seen make the op6 look like crap. Yours is by far the best looking photos I've seen from the one plus. In my opinion, the one plus holds it's own, and even surpasses the Pixel in certain situations, especially in the front cameras. I say this as an owner of the Pixel 2 XL. Great job!

  2. Kevin M.

    Both appeared to have great cameras and Oneplus appeared to have better video image quality. I own a Pixel 2 XL and could not be happier but have never used the OnePlus. One thing I love about the Pixel vs previous phones I owned(Samsung, LG, etc) is that it may lack camera pro modes but now I hate tinkering trying to get the best pic, lighting, etc & Pixels has been the best point and shoot consistent no hassle camera I've ever used. The entire phone usage has been like that, it just works well with no hiccups or hassles ever!

  3. Sean Gee

    Great video as usual. And you're such a sweet couple indeed.

    And I have and preferred the OnePlus 6 it has a great camera and at a much cheaper price than the Pixel

  4. Cristi Soare

    Pixel 2 is hard device to beat.Google made a powerful camera without the need to implement 2 or 3 cameras.Google found the way to be better in the camera department and I am sure that they will lead also in the near future and forcing others to evolve is a good thing too.I still use the U11 and in my opinion HTC is the only device to stay near the Pixel camera quality.Sony improved a lot in the camera department and Huawei is coming stronger and stronger.The V series from LG might be a true contender.

  5. Christian O'Neill

    I love my Pixel 2's camera. My biggest gripe is the audio on video is absolutely terrible! It's so quiet. It's really a shame because it's otherwise a fantastic camera. Photos is where it really shines anyways…

  6. SleightOfHand

    Were you using a different resolution to shoot video on the oneplus 6 for daytime versus night? During the daytime it looked real good but at night it was a mess (don't know if the phone has image stabilization for 4K or something).

  7. Mohammed Abbas

    Pixel has better camera, more details and better color specially at low light, but the microphone is ridiculous. The stabilization in the front facing camera on the OnePlus is awasome

  8. zippodk

    It makes me question the state og your pixel as mine xl 2 is like on rails when shooting a video and sound is clear also outside.Did you drip it or had it under water?

  9. Rick D

    I would pick the OnePlus since you can actually hear the audio on the videos. The Pixel is almost a silent movie camera…or u had your finger over the main mic. Love your videos sir. Have a happy 4th

  10. Arun Nadig

    Is it only me or anyone else noticed that OnePlus images looked natural and very cvery close to Pixel's images? Pixels images are bit sharp I agree but I liked Oneplus6 images in lots of scenario. And audio quality is simply great.

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