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To compare the OnePlus 6 with the iPhone X is a rather interesting endeavor. We’re not just talking about differences in operating system. There are also substantial differences in price tag. It would almost seem like an unfair comparison, but.. it’s not. These are two of the best flagships in the market today, and it’s time to place them head to head. I’m Jaime Rivera, and this is OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X.

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OnePlus 6 vs Apple iPhone X: Sorry Apple! | Pocketnow


42 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Apple iPhone X: Sorry Apple! | Pocketnow”

  1. volkstrom

    Apple is GREEDY! Apple relies on branding, marketing and advertising. Soon they will crash like Blackberry and Motorola phones who ruled back in the day.

  2. Amin Ilia

    The comparison was in favorable to OnePlus. Hide advantages of iPhone and highlight the OnePlus ones. Despite the positive reviews of OnePlus on the web when you use it for one month and so you will figure it out that the phone has lots of bugs and does not work smoothly. The OnePlus shut down apps unexpectedly. Try to play music and at the same time work with other apps. OnePlus Bluetooth and wireless are so weak. The Bluetooth just catch devices in very short range. The camera is not comparable with Samsung and iPhone at all. GPS is an annoying and mixed the roads and direction on intersections. Costumer service of OnePlus is the worst in the US. Does not cover return and repair shipping, and their refund process take very longtime. Also, OnePlus is not capable with all carrier. It definitely does not worth more than $500.

  3. Christopher Nash

    OnePlus 6 is the one I bought. I wanted my bias confirmed so I watched this video. I'll buy the OnePlus 6T in a few years, even though it was recently released. Flagship killer ! Never Settle. Produce Justice.

  4. Murtaza Ayyaz

    You can just laugh on apple cuz you don't have enough money to buy that bitch..even you know that apple has the most smppth software and they use the best (chips) actually apple know about its customers so you guys couldn't affect them..peace on you poor Android's?

  5. Dani X

    If u want quality … Apple is GOD , if u want both Apple rule.. if u want a chinese crap with super high end specs go oneplus .. samsung… apple don t need 6 GB ram with that IOS… they only need 3-4 GB And working smothly everything u trow on that device.. the ios software cpu gpu … are the best u can find at this time… the sound … the game experience … the work on apple device are wow … so… choose what u you like … don t trust this youtubers advertiser … go in shop … try before buy… and look at the quality geez … no the specs … in this days they are trying to sell shit on high end specs apple are more expensive but is in time … i have s8 and iphone 7 … and the build quality and all are divine on apple… + i had a lot problems with s8 in first year … was last tine when i bought something else .. ya.. they are greedy … but if u want quality and longevity u need to pay… otherwise u buy a shity android and after 2 3 years you need to trow cuz they are very defective devices… if is not software problems is hardware always …

  6. LordHD

    people buy apple products because they dont know anything about specs they just see oh its a phone from apple it must be good for its price and it must be the best phone out there

  7. Yanglem Telheiba Singh

    Yes oneplus true flagship killer phone with decent pricing such a great device I love having oneplus 5 t best Android experience more good than galaxy and lg , Sony Xperia while pricing best experience ever in smartphone no lags on gaming and good camera quality and battery back up is awesome

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