OnePlus 6 vs Honor 10 | CAMERA TEST Comparison!

OnePlus 6 vs Honor 10 | CAMERA TEST Comparison!

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OnePlus 6 vs Honor 10 – comparison test of The camera BEASTS! Huawei Honor 10 & OnePlus 6, unboxing & First Impressions review has been done! Official video / teaser and launch have happened! Hands on is complete and I have all the the information in this Honor 10 vs OnePlus 6 video! Full complete review of the camera in this video! Battery test and display etc of the Honor 10 to come! This video looks at my live comparison of the Oneplus 6 vs Honor 10! Specs & Price (Specification)

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48 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Honor 10 | CAMERA TEST Comparison!”

  1. Ajay Suthar

    hey kiddos, honor doesn't boost colors , AI mode does , it gives u an option. YOU CAN TURN IT OFF, Also beauty mode is shitty and you can also turn it off, so both phones are par and ai mode helps sometimes.

  2. X Men

    Not to mention the AI, I find the photos and details of the Honor sharper than those of the OnePlus6 if we take breaks and we take the time to observe! ^^ Good test for me !

  3. שלי גרופי

    great video, really informative
    there is one thing i dont understand in camera comparision, or camera review
    why there is no pictures of things that move, daily we take pictures of friends, or our kids or dogs
    and i guess ppl would like to know how the camera handle it
    not everything is por instegram..

    other then this it was a great video
    iwill probebly go for the honor 10
    like the pics better
    better price
    better sar value then the op6

    THANK YOU! (-:

  4. The Truth Seeker 0

    Guys does anyone have the same problem as me with the honor 10? When I take selfies at night the brightening is exaggerated, my face looks too bright and my lips look like if I had put lipstick on them.
    It's a great pity, as for everything else it's an amazing phone. I'm thinking to give it back.

  5. Frosty -

    Hey, i have problem with honor 10. When I take picture with front camera, honor add color to my lips and it looks like i have lipstick. I have beatymode 0 and it still chance colors. When i look your selfie it looks normal. How can I fix that? What have you done?

  6. Michael Dietsche

    Well done! Good comparison for camera fans deciding between the two. I prefer the honor for everyday photos, but I like rich colors. The one plus has nice video,as I've noticed in others' video reviews. Would have liked to see a bit more video comparison,and especially how audio comes across in video recording. Reviewers tend to neglect that, for instance few if any commented on the crap audio on the Pixel 2, which nearly ruins the phone for me when shooting video. Anyway, thanks for this review.

  7. JOHN B

    Why on the oneplus UK forum are there so many purchasers of the oneplus 6 saying they've
    experienced issues with the battery draining fast and the phone heating up very hot . I was thinking of purchasing this phone but now having seen these posts on the oneplus website
    under the community section , it seems most users are having many issues with this phone. I mean how can this be the case its supposedly a top phone.

  8. Irish Paul

    No low light comparison? Missed a very important part of any comparison… Plus, the Honor 10 should have been used without the Ai mod turned on…

  9. Debrosi

    I have to say I like the examples from the honor 10 more than the One Plus 6. I prefer the saturation of the colors. I'm not a Selfe user so I could care less about the selfie camera. Too bad the Honor 10 doesn't have image stabilization on it's video.

  10. Ivan Grynenko

    When you shoot in AI (honor10) you do not lose anything – because the gallery has a toggle switch – which allows you to save both photo options, with Ai and without. Nevertheless, for the Internet and social networks – photos on honor10 with ON Ai – look much more attractive and vibrant visually, let's be honest. No one now needs a "real" life, everyone wants to embellish what they see. This is a complete fact, no one will argue with this, no one will want to load a photo with a dull color scheme in Instagram or FB – this is reality! You will anyway maxout "clarity" and "saturation"

  11. Leemon

    I prefer the Honor 10 because when I take a photo I want to remember it like a movie, and the higher saturation really gives it that feel 🙂

  12. AheadoftheCurv

    One plus 6 easily… common sense says wouldn't you want TRUE to life?
    Over saturated photos showing extra green trees… if it doesn't look the the TREE color itself.. how is that accurate?
    Same for the bricks, if as you stated One plus 6 is the more true to life, why would i want over saturated bricks..

    I also totally agree I have Honor 8, the beauty mode..i guess is okay if you want to be in denial… but just a gimmick, saves you from needs to edit the photo using the smooth filter.

    Maybe I'm blind but the Video is a no contest, not even in the same ball park.. the video of Honor 10 is so unstable looks as if you have parkinsons .. (no offense to parkinson's suffers).. One plus 6 … rock steady with stabilization and clearer!

    Honor 10 video at first i thought you were goofing around until I realized, crap that is really unstable he isn't joking.

    Honor 10 would be excellent for a new Blair Witch Project Movie.. other than that…………..

    One Plus 6 hands down!… shows you AI is NOT the way of the future …:) AI is still programmed by a HUMAN!

    Great videos though, awesome job!


    Loved your reviews. Just a small suggestion, If you could add the software version running during the comparison in the description it would be a great help 🙂

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