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OnePlus 6 vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Comparison – which has the best camera for photos, selfies and video? || Start protecting yourself on the web at or use code TECHCHAP and save 77%!

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Videographer – Pete Honeyands.

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49 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Comparison! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Osman Nevres

    I want to buy a 6T and I am hesitating because of the Sony camera it uses. But I guess it does way better than I expected. I think there's no reason to pay more for any other phone.

  2. A Abgaryan

    Honor дно братан…) One plus лучше. Один Snapdregon уже обо всем говорит. Там дальше обсуждать нечего.)

  3. Santiago FC

    Hey, everyone please help me out, I'm really having a hard time deciding between the P20 Pro (6 GB/128 GB) and the Oneplus 6 (8 GB/256 GB), as I've read that it's not entirely worth it to go for the 6T as the front fingerprint sensor isn't as good as the rear-one on the 6, plus I'm not a huge fan of wireless headphones. I do like taking a lot of pics and enjoy high quality video, however I don't know if 128 GB on the P20 Pro are enough for taking many pics (as it's not expandable as far as I know) all week, or if it's a hassle moving them to my laptop? I know that the 6 charges quickly although it has the 3300 mAh as compared to the P20 Pro's 4000 mAh. I'm not really interested in wireless charging.
    I live in Canada and I can get the P20 Pro for $700 with a phone dealer (supposedly original), or the 6 for $645 with student discount included. Any pointers??

  4. Dominic Alberts

    oneplus 4k 60 is king. i have both these phones. and what i can say is video is awesome on oneplus and the image is better on p20 pro. the thing about p20 pro is that its aimed toward someone with a little better experience in cameras i think. because if you take the time to get a good shot and treat it as if it were a dslr, you get way better results. whats the point of a dslr if you only shoot on auto? same concept.

  5. Island Effect

    Your comparisons have been really helpful for me – my job requires taking a lot of photos and videos on the go without the weight of full camera gear. I've opted for a Lumix DCZS-70K for telephoto, but need a phone camera that can handle a wide range of situations and not break the bank! I would never have chosen the OnePlus6 if not for these comparison videos. For me, it's the winner and even though it seems it doesn't have the right frequency for LTE where I live (Saint Lucia), it still wins

  6. Richard Brown

    after a few days use of a p20 pro, it's going back… auto mode is awful, over-sharpening and 'keep steady, sharpening' (after the photo) message even in bright light. Maybe if 'Google' had time to tweak the software, they can improve stuff like this but after doing some blind tests, most people pick out my 2 year old S7's pics !

    However, Pro mode and Night mode work well, but for me, most shots I take, I don't want to have to faff around. Also, word of warning, the inbuilt gallery seems to add yet more 'enhancing' to pictures so use a 3rd party app or view online once uploaded for a true representation.

    To get the best shots, use 40MP and Pro mode, but then you lose out on zoom and hdr. So in some ways, the phones brilliant but then when you need it go be good, it's not. Bit frustrating tbh because I was so wanting it to be good in auto mode. The AI mode, tends to just over saturate colours, again, personal preference but can make situations look too fake. AI is at least now disabled by default.

    People Huawei forums complaining about the the same over-sharpening and almost cartoon like software processing being applied… there's a 48 page thread at the time of writing.

    Maybe some of these things will be managed in future software releases, but for me, they need to give people the ability to turn off the processing if they want to. At the moment, you can't and it's hit and miss when gets applied.

  7. dharkbizkit

    funny, how 6 months later, the p20 drop dropped so much in price that its just barely more expensive than the OP6, which has dropped almost nothing in price

  8. pasan _

    I know it's late but now you can download pixel camera app on OP6 and have to say it's way better than default app on OP6 in low light

  9. Empath 1.0

    Overall the review is good but the night shots are all under lights or good lighting.. there should have been more night shots with little lighting..both indoors and outdoors..

  10. taz chars

    didnt expect it but oneplus hands down.well done to huawei too if it wasnt for the selfie camera being a bit of a letdown.well done to both

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