Comparison video of the new OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X. Which device would you take?

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29 Replies to “ONEPLUS 6 VS iPHONE X!”

  1. Utharsh Patidar

    Oneplus 6 is best even though iphone X is expensive but … Oneplus 6 won all the comparison between those…!!
    Iphone ?? … I made my biggest mistake of buying that fucking iphone…!! I will go for any android device but not iphone…!!

  2. EagDesert

    The thing about iPhone is reliable build quality and software. Many other phones suffer in build quality, or suffer a plethora of their own unique little software bugs and hiccups. Sure the OnePlus 6 looks and runs great right now, as a new device out of the box. How will it hold up across time and with real everyday use? I've already heard of a few minor software glitches with apps like YouTube, and Twitter.

    That's the kind of thing you needn't worry about with iPhone. iPhone's just work like they're supposed to and won't degrade steadily with use. Android One sounds promising, but it should have been like that from the start. It's quality control, it needs to be there and before with many Android devices it seldom has been in my experience. OnePlus 6 is a tempting new device, but like many Androids also a risk. iPhone is a safe bet. So I'm a bit torn.

  3. Navdeep Singh

    Simple , one plus 6 price performance quality is probably not better than iphone but who uses one pda for whole life , we change we improve so its good to waste less money and get new one after one or two years hahaha not like entire saving of urs on overrated phones. Be smart

  4. Habs H

    Yup one plus has always been the underdog. Their phones are excellent. The fact that the one plus is even competing in the same territory at half the price is very impressive. Its debatable what phone is better but as far as i see its very close, but just value alone is enough to push me straight in the direction of the one plus. I would assume the $500 extra is probably for brand image maybe a slightly more refined and optimised system and maybe a better camera. Point is even if the iphone is better the gap is no where near worth $500.

  5. TheNubTo

    OP only makes phones, they hardly have anything around. Apple has stores all over the world, probably the world's fastest service in addition. They have a built-in payment system, Siri, iCloud, Appstore, lots of retailers for both repair, accessories and service. They have their own operating system that is always optimized and then actually app manufacturers care about their apps on iOS. Far too many apps are badly made for android.

    Its not fair to compare only manufacturing costs / sales price ratio is a little wrong. Especially when comparing Oneplus and Apple. Apple has been around for a long time and built an offline market that is more expensive than the online market that Oneplus is dealing with. I also think Apple's expenses are higher because the western pay of a developer is higher than in China. When a company has so many indirect costs for a phone like Apple, is it a matter of course that there will be a higher selling price? They have also made more "revolutionary" innovations which obviously cost more.

    OP makes a good phone for its price. But thats it. Apple has the whole kit, which people are willing to pay for.

  6. Robert Wolfe

    Amazing interview!! God I wish I knew how to look at a phone and tell one had a headphone jack while the other has a lightening connector. ANd I had NO idea the One Plus was cheaper than an iPhone X, thanks so much for this review.

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