Oneplus 6 VS Pixel 2 – Low light camera


Hi there fellow youtubers, this is one of the most requested videos on this channel, so here it is: Oneplus 6 VS Google Pixel 2, low light performance. If you liked the content, please thumbs up, like and subscribe. If not, you know what to do. Also, you can leave any coments if you want to ask questions, give advices for future videos, etc. and I will do my best to respond quickly. Peace!
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  1. Spaceman 010203

    Hello, nice comparison.. What do you think about new update 5.1.9? I hear that is a big downgrade in low light, is that true? Can you do some comparison with that new update? Read on oneplus community lots of negative comments about 5.1.9 but no one has done a good comparison due to previous update (5.1.8).. Thaaanx ?

  2. Girts Yurevics

    Brilliant comparison!
    Are you planning to compare OP6 with XZ2? (in case you already did it, sorry – couldn't find the video through search)
    I am currently considering between the two – both running SD845, having Sony sensors and are similarly priced (at least in my region)
    If you are not planning such comparison, I will be grateful for your suggestion or opinion considering their cameras

  3. Pishi A

    I think this shows that the Pixel is a little weak in low light. I always thought the Pixel was a little overrated too. Not taking away with how good its photos are, they are very good, but I never thought it was that much better than the flagships that was released in late 2017. I think Pixel Peepers blind test proved that. Sure it software does do a good job, but people neglect that it has very good hardware too. Its not just all software. F/1.8 1/2.6" sensor, 1.4µm pixels, the pixel visual core, are better than most phones. There is a lot of hardware working behind scenes. Google has done a good job blending good software AND good hardware.

    On paper the pixel has much better hardware, save a slightly narrower aperture f1.7 v f1.8 and whatever updates, if any, Qualcomm has provided to their Hexagon 685 DSP. However, the OnePlus is able to hold its own.

  4. The RaRa85

    I know one thing, OnePlus owners should be very proud of their phone's camera. What kind of wizardry is OnePlus using to process pictures well over 1000 ISO which already higher than I ever shoot at night and remove 90% of the noise and still have good levels of detail? And this is in auto mode! In pro mode the OnePlus 6 must be pretty freaking amazing unless the OIS for photos is not that great. But you should in theory be able to lower the ISO between 400-800 and get the shutter speed down to 1/4 or maybe even a full second handheld as I've been able to do easily on previous Nokia Windows Phones and the LG V10 and V20. I wonder how those shots would come out but I'm impressed that such high ISO shots would look this good. Of course the Pixel 2 does well but that's to be expected. Can't wait to see what the Pixel 3 can do.

  5. Arccosinus' opinion

    Great vid, bro! BTW I don't think you should includ non-HDR+ photos of the Pixel since other manufactures use stacking technology even with hdr turned off.
    BTW as I watched video I once again thought about how different people's percepcions of photos is. And we can make our own judjement thanks to your vids since they deliver material to think upon plus you highligt pros and cons of every contender regardless of whose your favorite are.
    And where is yor wife7 We miss your team) you did great together!

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