OnePlus 6 vs Pixel 2: Which Phone has the Best Stock Experience?

Given the OnePlus 6’s stock-like software experience. Miles compares that phone with the Pixel 2 XL, in a full on software comparison video. Enjoy!

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50 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Pixel 2: Which Phone has the Best Stock Experience?”

  1. Younes Layachi

    I knew this video would say the Oneplus 6 has better stock software experience even before I learned that it's not the usual guy.
    Such bullshit. Plus he's bringing hardware into his arguments lmao.

  2. blathermouth

    Why does no reviewer point out that the Oxygen Phone Dialer app SUCKS??? I love my OnePlus 6, but this antiquated piece of crap dialer app that can't be easily substituted is very close to a deal breaker. I miss the stock Android dialer app on my old Nexus 5x! GRRRRR
    – No support for Visual VoiceMail
    – No built-in search bar (search and call nearby businesses directly from dialer)
    – looking up a contact to dial takes you to contact manager

  3. Crissi V

    Congrats for your video, really great!
    I bought the Pixel 2 xl 128 gb (a big deal on eBay… ?) three months ago and I absolutely love it, it's the perfect phone for me. The Oneplus 6 would be my second choice, it offers so much for an incredible price and it looks pretty good, even if it has the damn notch… ?

  4. Dane Robinson

    Hey miles just saying I could be wrong but doesn’t one plus 6 support AR core with newest update ? Congratulations on your video on hear nice to see progression

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