Camera comparison of the One Plus 6 VS Pixel 2 XL. Keep in mind the OnePlus 6 is almost half the price BUT the Pixel 2 XL has been out for 6 months and we will be getting a new one this year.

Crazy to think how good the Pixel 2 camera holds up in 2018 but the OP6 still offers great value!

Thumbs up for taking this phone literally across the world!

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34 Replies to “OnePlus 6 VS Pixel 2 XL CAMERA COMPARISON!”

  1. Amit Sharma

    M user if iPhone6 from last 2 years….thinking to switch on oneplus6…if u still have oneplus6 or pixel to give away…please please please give it to me☹️??.(i will like share all videos and make my friends to subscribe your channel(by hook or crook)) Gentlemen promise ?

  2. Sree C.B

    Can anyone help me please I m confused about taking one smartphone.
    Please help me choose one from the list
    1. Samsung Note 9
    2. OnePlus 6
    3. Pocofone 1
    4. Pixel 2 xl
    5. Oppo find x

    Please help me choose I'm very confused

  3. CanadianLoki76

    The look both good and pretty close. The P2XL always look darker though and at times you can really see the "lets increase contrast and HDR the picture beyond real life". That can look nice, but it always make me go. Is it REALLY how it looks in real life.. No. Because it processes the image and artificially lowers light and increase it for contrast and HDR. But that is not how you experienced the scenery you saw when you took the picture. So to me that isn't always great.. The P2XL does have sharper images in detail because of it and that is great, but the picture is always darker and feel artificially enhanced many times.. The OP6 captures more the natural light, but it's problem is over exposure instead and less sharpness in some areas of detail… In the end you realize a P2XL cost $1,000 and the OP6 cost $520-550 or so and it has better processor and other things. So that makes it crazy with the price gap.

  4. CHANNEL ViE 先锋时尚

    Right, stop putting Pixel 2XL into 1000USD price range… here in China, it's now cost less than half price 470USD today. However OnePlus 6 's pictures are impressive in this video to directly against Pixel 2… some of the images are even more eye pleasing than Pixel 2XL. It's very hard to choose between those two guys, espcially in terms of price they are neck and neck in China now.

  5. Jayesh K

    You're a crazy amazing photographer! The pictures were unreal! Where did you take the initial shots of the mountains from? Do let me know! Thanks buddy!

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