OnePlus 6 vs Pixel 2 XL | Hands-on comparison

OnePlus 6 versus the Google Pixel 2 XL. We compare the latest OnePlus 6 smartphone with Google’s super-sized Pixel 2. Which has the best camera tech, speed, battery life and specs?

Check out our OnePlus 6 unboxing and hands-on features, plus comparisons with the best Android phones. Our full OnePlus 6 review is coming on May 21!

41 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Pixel 2 XL | Hands-on comparison”

  1. Haytham Mir

    Pixel is better
    Display-it is the better 1440p and idk who is gonna be looking at their display off access
    Speakers-Not 1 but 2 front facing stereo speakers are better than the onepluses single down firing
    No notch-they didn't copy apple
    Camera-way more hdr and contrast
    Simple design-Lets be real the oneplus 6 looks like the s9 and the pixels simple design is my preferred
    Stock android-Smooth and consistent security patches and software updates(oneplus is still very good)

  2. Michael Melecio

    The chin your saying that a waste of space is for industrial use and ergonomics.. And also for 2 front firing speakers.. It's obvious this guy is a paid reviewer.. Tss..???

  3. Art Dog

    I'm cool with my 5T, but even despite the not needed notch, it's still Oneplus 6 all day for me. Pixel phones are just way too overpriced IMO.

  4. Dan Wintle

    The Pixel doesn't actually just use software for portrait mode, it's cameras pixels are physically split into two and that small change in distance is what enables the pixel to distinguish between foreground and background

  5. JD Winty

    Ordered mine today. I got the $630 8GB/256GB version. I was really sold on a few videos that came out showing how good the water resistance really is (video did a 30 second and 1 minute dunk tests and it came out fine, though a 30 minute dip in the pool showed problems) AND another video showing comparisons with the camera against the Iphone X which was pretty much a back and forth to an even split but given to the OP6 because of the price difference. It wa nice that priority shipping – 2 day shipping was only 8 bucks. I can't wait for Friday!

  6. Tanner Michels

    Can you do a network speed test comparison? I want to see the dBm of Network signal when each phone is places in the same location. It doesn't matter the network as long as the network isn't prioritized or throttled. I want to see which phone had the fastest throughput of data.

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