OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Initial (and soon iPhone X too) Full initial specs comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price.
5 WINNERS – 2 x Honor 10 Smartphones (Winners can pick which ones) + 3 Surprise Smartphone ?

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27 Replies to “OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus”

  1. Mrwhosetheboss

    The final price is £469 / €519 !!
    Couple of corrections: The OnePlus 6 does NOT support wireless charging, but the price more than justifies it.
    The OnePlus 6 does NOT have a Pseudo dual speaker setup.
    Don't forget to follow my Instagram in the description for the giveaway!

  2. J Rutman

    The fact that you can even compare a$1000 usd phone to one that's half the price should to tell you everything you need to know about 1+

  3. Govind Menon

    To all you guys saying he’s biased towards oneplus, he’s not. Oneplus is simply the better buy. Stop looking for glass sandwiches to needlessly waste money on and focus on make a good investment instead of the latest coolest specs

  4. Lord Vader

    On my 1+ 3T phone, I can see RED LINE showing how much of a Video I have seen on Youtube & when I play that Video again it starts from exactly the point I had last seen it
    This feature not there on Samsung 🙁
    Is there an option in setting, I can do to enable this, very useful & nice function 🙂

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