OnePlus 6T – Is the OnePlus 6 Better?

The OnePlus 6T is official and it’s the best value you can buy for a flagship smartphone. OnePlus did a fantastic job of creating a new product without significantly increasing the price. However, it takes away two important features. Watch for the full review!

OnePlus 6T is Water Resistant?

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47 Replies to “OnePlus 6T – Is the OnePlus 6 Better?”

  1. Naom Mad

    I’m getting a new phone for my bday. Right now I have a broken Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. At first I was planning on getting a OnePlus 6 but my parents don’t trust Ebay, Swappa, AliExpress. They’re ok with Amazon but they were trying to find it somewhere else (prob trying to find it in stores even though I told them it’s not at stores). So now they wanna get a 6t from T-Mobile. Do you recommend I get the 6t or still try to convince them to get the 6?

  2. Yosafu

    -Bigger battery
    -Smaller notch
    -Cool in-display fingerprint scanner

    -No headphone jack
    -No led notification light
    -Slower fingerprint scanner

    Both pretty good phones in their own ways, but you gotta remember that the OnePlus 6 is $100 cheaper than the 6T (depending on where you find it).

  3. zacaryf

    seems more like a downgrade removed 3.5mm jack, removal of back fingerprint sensor which was faster, removal of led light for a slightly bigger screen with a slightly bigger battery and screen fingerprint sensor which is slower to unlock. i think ill stick with the 6

  4. Leen

    Does anyone know how big the chances of breaking the 6Ts fingerprint censor are? I'm really considering to buy it, since i don't really care about the headphone jack and personally think it looks better than the 6 does, but if the fingerprint sensor tends to be damaged easily, i'll probably look out for the OnePlus 6

  5. Clyde Milan

    Hi Matthew! Just want to ask, since I have the A6010 version for oneplus 6t (from the Philippines). I understand that the only difference with A6013, is few lte bands not available with a6010. But just would like to know if I bring a6010 variant in Canada for example. My worry is if I would still be able to connect to 4g efficiently, if i get a sim card under Bell/Telus for example? Since I have checked oneplus website under canada and there are lte bands that are compatible with a6010. Only one or two bands not applicable which is only present with a6013. Appreciate your response! Thanks!

  6. Derek Cameron

    i decided to buy a oneplus 6 while upgrading from a oneplus 3 cause the 6T wasn't worth losing the headphone jack and physical fingerprint scanner. i would recommend people by buy the 6 cause the in screen scanner isn't the best yet?

  7. Josh G

    yeah I just ordered the 6 pretty much for these reasons over the T, but when looking in stores I really had to emphasize I wanted to look at the older model, and then most of them would try to upsell me the s9 anyway. the only thing i'm missing out on would be the nicer looking notch and the better curves. the new fingerprint sensor's cool but a gimmick.

  8. Nawar Mason

    Worst phone I’ve ever owned. all those positive things put online is pure marketing and I've done a great job at getting ppl to think this is a well build phone. sent my phone in for a ton of problems and they tell me nothing is wrong with it never had such a glitchy phone and terrible customer service worst customer experience ever. Please save a 100 dollars more and buy a real phone i can type 6 pages of garbage on this phone but trust me when i say this NOT WORTH THE SAVING. Sure the phone looks good but it has soooooo many hardware and quality issue I doubt this phone will last a year with normal use pure garbage. I feel that am talking to a wall when i complain to the company most frustrating experience I have been in i went back to my old iphone and oneplus is sitting in the drawer feel bad even selling it to someone else. If you want Specifics i can sent anyone more details am just trying to help you save your money please don't waste it on this phone it's no gain to me and just trying to help

  9. Zain Murtaza

    Agreed that to stick with my 6T, rather then paying more money and get the same phone.
    Besides of the fact that finger print on the display is just now launched in the handsets and we might face some initial issues in it.
    So better then upgrading my phone to 6T I will stay to 6 it self because it doesn't make any sense to me to pay more and get the same stuff.
    Let me know what you guys think for both if you have owned a 6 and now upgraded to 6T.

  10. Nazneen Raimalwala

    Between the one plus6 of 8 GB 256(only this specification is available) and one plus6T of 8 GBL128 what would you recommend. Currently both are same price. I cannot wait for the 7 as my current phone is on its last leg. please guide and provide some inputs.

  11. a b

    I like the phone & also the ringtone that is played at the end of this video , Send me link of that ringtone if possible…

  12. Rob

    I've just gone for the Oneplus 6, I feel that other than the finger fingerprint reader (Which I don't like, I like the quickness and the physical fingerprint reader) there is no real difference, esp now the camera software as been upgraded to match. I purchased the 128gb storage with 8gb ram and saved £100. To me the slightly extra battery, slightly taller screen and the in screen fingerprint is not worth the £100 to me. So, I am happy with the 6, great phone 🙂 Great video and great advise @matthewmoniz

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