OnePlus 6T vs Huawei P20 Pro | Side-by-side Comparison

Full comparison of the fresh OnePlus 6T and Huawei’s feature-packed P20 Pro, two of the best smartphones of 2018. The OnePlus 6T offers stunning value for money, boasting a bigger screen with built-in fingerprint sensor, upgraded battery and smart camera tech with 4K 60FPS smarts. But can it compete with the supreme P20 Pro, which boasts a tri-lens camera, EMUI features and stunning design?

We go beyond simple speed and battery tests with this in-depth comparison. Here we show how the OnePlus 6T and P20 Pro stack up for specs, features, design, camera prowess and much more besides.

The OP6T may not boast the same stunning gradient design as Huawei’s beast, but you get a front-filling screen and smart display sensor tech – while the P20 Pro plonks a physical sensor beneath the panel. OxygenOS and EMUI offer similar features, although the OnePlus 6T’s Snapdragon chipset and Gaming Mode mean impressive PubG performance. And Huawei takes the crown for camera smarts, thanks to the P20 Pro’s hardcore tri-lens snapper.

Which do you think is best? Let us know in the comments below and check out my 5-day OnePlus 6T review for more on this excellent handset. I’ve also compared with the mighty Mate 20 Pro.

48 Replies to “OnePlus 6T vs Huawei P20 Pro | Side-by-side Comparison”

  1. John Norris

    And I Actually have Both. And. I love them both.. Pick a winner. Not a chance. But, I'll never buy an Over- priced IPhone, Ever. For me. Its Android All the way. 100%***

  2. Prunkz

    I'm deciding between these two phones, and i really cant figure it out! But! I just got an offer of a brand new Huawei P20 Pro, for 300 bucks. Should i go for it?

  3. LooK253

    Both have its benefits, but from the pure SW view, Oneplus is the king, not only against these 2, but basicly against any other android phone.

  4. ben crawshaw

    I've had both phones battery life is definitely much better on the 6t also I prefer the camera on the 6t night mode is also really good. The 6t is a ton faster than the p20 and has a huge screen that looks better than the p20,, the p20 has a weird WiFi reconnection that slows it down so I would definitely recommend the 6t by a mile.

  5. Nickes Kanal

    I went from huawei p20 to the Oneplus 6t, since i dont care so much about the camera, the 1+ wins for me, OxygenOS vs Emui, oxygen is smoother for me.

  6. ǤσкยTM-

    I have a problem, so recently i bought a Huawei Mate 20 Lite, but i don't know how to switch between the front and back cameras, please help me, i didn't find any other youtuber that shows this, i think you are the perfect person to ask.

  7. Cyberslug1

    My 6t fingerprint scanner works perfectly and fast every time with my right thumb but it's slow and doesn't work 25% of the time with my left thumb. reregistering does not help. Very odd.

  8. pk3012

    I received my Mate 20 pro yesterday after I pre ordered last month.
    Brilliant phone but 24 hours later my wifi refused to turn on, turn on and it would switch off 5 seconds later.
    After spending over an hour back and forward with tech support and network and factory resetting it still didn't work.
    My phone now has to be returned for repair.
    I am waiting to see if anyone else has had the same issue.

  9. Andreas Henriksson

    I'm on P20 Pro at the moment but hate the aggressive app killing to save battery, even when the app is excluded from battery saving features it still get disabled after a while and no notifications comes through… That camera though…

  10. Climbers Of Ice

    As long as you aren't mindlessly flopping your finger over the OPs fingerprint scanner, it should definitely be very accurate. I have the 6t and the fingerprint scanner works near flawlessly essentially all of the time. It has a bit of a learning curve based on how you positioned your finger while saving your finger print on the phone.

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