OnePlus 6T vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test, Cameras & Speakers!

OnePlus 6T vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test, Camera Test, Speakers Test and more!

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Test covers boot up, specs, games (Fortnite, PUBG) and apps opening, Chrome vs Safari, benchmarks (Geekbench), multitasking, front selfie camera, rear camera (low light), camera speed, and more!

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46 Replies to “OnePlus 6T vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test, Cameras & Speakers!”

  1. Phone Battles

    In display fingerprint scanner on the OP6T is really cool and faster than I expected (test #7 in this video). Now that OP6T is out, can finally get to all the phones that have launched the last few weeks! (XZ3, V40, Pixel 3, Poco, Razer 2, etc). Let me know what you'd be interested in seeing. Planning a battery test this weekend.

  2. Endgame Avengers

    If u take all categories xs is better than 6t (slightly better) but the small difference is not worth the price gap so if u include cost as a factor its an easy win for one plus

  3. Nishtha Sinha

    It is the last test that's make apple more relevant than one plus. I mean to say the video test of camera. Apple best specification is the camera. Why not you test the video with super slow speed. That's will give you the difference.

  4. jayxddg

    This phone make 6s plus look like a chump can this phone run fortnite ill fa sho make the move to android but ima miss ft and imessege

  5. Kevin Samuel

    Man no diss here,but you are comparing a budget sports car to a Rolls Royce in terms of speed. Apple chips are atleast 2 generations ahead of their competitors (source:Android authority).Also iPhone has much superior hardware compared to these Chinese phones.

  6. RgbPcLife_Forever

    You can´t make a battle between IOS and Android, these softwares are to 99% different and than you can´t make a test with which app opens faster. Many apps are made for Android and many for IOS so please don´t make more battles between IOS and Android, that´s stupid sry.

  7. Daniel Bahrami

    How the fuck does this video have this many views and likes. This guy clearly have no knowledge about the tech.
    Just the fact that he gives the 1st place to OnePlus regarding face unlock is stupid. They are using 2 completely different technologies. The OnePlus unlocks with data from a 2D model. The iPhone uses a flood illuminator and dot projector to create a 3D mathematical model of the face. And yet the iPhone is still only falling behind with just under half a second.
    And the comment section is just annoying in general. Toxic Android fanboys as usual (and yes i do like Android). Don’t compare two products without comparing the different hardware and software they use.

    Coming from a guy studying software engineering…

  8. Jason Adihetty

    Omg this test is irrelevant I don’t hv either of the phones but iPhone has way better quality parts and when playing android to OS APPS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. And when ur phone is nearly full on space everything works slower. Dude don’t praise the one plus.

  9. Guitartube25

    Bitch please, trying to beat ANY modern Browser with Safari is like sending a 6 year old to a fight against John Cena. I've been an iPhone user since I had to switch from my old Nokia and the older I get (22) the more I am getting annoyed with my phone, I mean, come on, this thing is super slow! And I hardly see much benefit for me to get the newest, greatest iPhone for such a price, if I will have the same speed problems, like I have with my iPhone now, just two, to three years later. Since I happen to be a part of the seldom species, that uses their phones until they are officially dead, or unusable. I bought a very tough case for my phone, for two reasons. Reason 1: in case it drops. Reason 2: more commonly, if I get so mad at it that I punch it multiple times, because it just won't work! Sure, got some angry issues over here at some point, but dang, if technology, that is suppossed to make my life easier giving me headache every single day! Grrrr!!!!!

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