OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ Camera Comparison! | The Tech Chap

OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Which has the best Camera? With both offering Triple Camera setups – Wide, Ultrawide & Telephoto Zoom lenses – I’m comparing Photos, Portraits, Selfies, Night Mode & Video to find out which is best! ? Follow me on Insta:

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34 Replies to “OnePlus 7 Pro vs Galaxy S10+ Camera Comparison! | The Tech Chap”

  1. Eduardo Rocha

    For now, S10+ only loses to P30 Pro.

    Since P30 Pro was heavily beaten (and is in ICU on life support) during the tragic 2019 USA-CHINA trade war, S10+ temporarily wins.

    The battle continues, as Apple freezes behind the trenches in total dread, crying histerically over the possibility of China's counter-attack on Apple manufactory industry based in China.

    Let's all pray for peace and the casualities of this tragic event in human history.

  2. iamcanadian

    I have both.. s10 plus and pro 7… I like both.. hard to decide which is better! it's all in perspective. each have Good and bad.. or i should I say one has something that the other doesn't.. couple thing's missing in 7pro. wireless charging which I've been getting use to on the s10, widget settings, app settings, display settings, notification settings- vibrationsound! speakers are great… loud ear peice and bottom speakers. Besides cameras.. I like phones that have it all.. it has amazing fast finger scanner and Even the face recognition is so quick. . s10 plus so slow and only 70% accurate. I'm so confused which I should use for daily use.. depends which features are most important.. what will I be using most….. interface on s10 plus is much easier users friendly.. More choices!.. gotta say the 7pro is so responsivesnappy. beautiful screen..

  3. Nathan L

    Was a week away from buying the OnePlus, however this ban of US goods and services to Huawei has given me serious concern. If I drop the funds for the phone will it still be getting security updates in a six months to a year? Will play services just stop working? Am I going to have to put a custom recovery and flash gapps if the phone even gets an update to future versions? Until this mess gets resolved I'm just going to stick with the four year old phone I have.

  4. Hubert

    You have focused on the yellow bag, but you didn't noticed that women itself is more accurate on op7 pro than on s10. Look at this photo again.

  5. Sunil D

    One plus can update the camera with some updates , if u compare the prices One plus 7 pro is a better choice without any kinda notch !

  6. SpaS

    Thanks for the video. I'm not an expert in any shape of form, but i wish the camera software on OnePlus phones wouldn't smoothen the pictures so much. Good example imo is the road on the first image, when zoomed you cannot see the individual tiles at all on OnePlus. Otherwise great cameras on both.

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