OnePlus 8: My Honest Review After 30 Days!

I’ve been using the OnePlus 8 daily for just over a month now, and it’s time to give you my full honest thoughts.

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33 Replies to “OnePlus 8: My Honest Review After 30 Days!”

  1. No explosions no life.

    Thank you I was really considering the 7 pro , but decided it's to bigg heavy I really did not mind the curved screen since it's not as huge compared to the pro and any case solves the problem easily,but the pro is just to big. Really and truly the main reason you will buy the pro over the 8 is that massive 7 inch 1440. display ,and most of the time you will have it at 1080, and in longevity the 8 is better for a longer periods of time mainly due to it's software and it having 5g.

  2. popcorn chokes

    Curved edges: They result in accidental touches = cant scroll through the video one handed with your index finger because the meat of your left hand is selecting the top of the browser.

  3. James Stones

    Here's my opinion after 21 days of use….
    It's fast as hell and only one game has managed to heat up the processor…that game is Respawnables Heroes which may have optimisation problems as it's in early development.
    Camera I hardly use but it's average from what I've seen…the flash is bright but struggles.
    Audio in speakers is excellent. Audio in headphones isn't perfect , mids are overpowered and bass could be cleaner, I'd even say the Bluetooth sound is more pleasant than the wired's like your ears are being thrashed.
    Screen is excellent and the 90hz is buttery smooth, finally we have something to match Samsung's flagship screens. The hole punch camera is barely noticeable as it's tucked away in the top left or bottom corner in landscape..glad it's not in the middle of the screen. I haven't had problems with touching the curved edges either..maybe because I use a bumper case like most people will. The only problem with the curved display is when using tempered glass as I've invested in the protection I can say it's a 50/50 experience…you certainly lose some of the touch sensitivity although it fits beautifully with OnePlus's own bumper cases ..there's a Christmas offer too on OnePlus store so you can save a lot of money until it ends .
    Finally battery is great once you turn off a few things..the first few days had me worried but now everything is set up it only needs a charge once every day or two…it charges very fast like barely an hour to charge…only thing that's wound me up is that the 8T will charge in just 40min as it uses new tech and a 60w charger instead of the 30w one.
    I'd give this phone a 90% rating out of 100 . If you hate curved screens get the 8T if you're fine with them go for the 8 and if you want a little bit more get the Pro ..there's no 8T pro this year so unlucky on the 30w charger that's the only advantage the T has over the pro.

  4. Geswin Babu

    Loved this review. I was checking a lot of reviews for the honest opinion and everyone else praises the phone or just barf the specs. But you did great. And first time hearing an american youtuber mention Indian price. Love from India bro😍

  5. Armin00

    Hey Mark, excellent video once again! I wanted to ask though, have you had any experience with the 8T variant? Atm there's a great deal here for €600, and from the looks of it, the already excellent battery and display are even better, as the charging goes even quicker and the refresh rate is 120Hz. Battery and display are by far the most important aspects for me, so the cameras aren't really a huge deal for me, but they do seem to have improved as well (although I'm not sure by what margin). Would you think that the 8T would in that case be the go-to phone?

  6. Drew C.

    Hello Mark, just watching back some old vids from you. Just want to ask if how's the OnePlus 8 holding so far? Planning to get the 8 before the end of the year though if I can. Thanks in advance Mark!

  7. Antonio Cunningham

    Content creator: I'm not gonna go over thr specs of the phone.

    Me: then why does this exist?

    Thumbs down and moving on to a video that actually talk about the phone in detail.

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