ONEPLUS 8 PRO Android 11 First Look!

OnePlus released Android 11 Developer Preview 3 for the OnePlus 8 Pro and they gave us always-on display! AOD is here for OnePlus phones and I couldn’t be more excited.

We flashed the update (it’s super simple) to dive in, showed off not only AOD, but the new dark mode toggle, font, UI changes, new apps, and more.

Download the update here:

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41 Replies to “ONEPLUS 8 PRO Android 11 First Look!”

  1. Edrian Madriaga

    I'm planning to buy a phone, my choices are mi 11 and oneplus 8 pro they are both $700 new in my country, could you help decide which one should i get? And why?
    I'm a oneplus user but I'm tempted with the specs of the xiaomi mi 11.

  2. BEAU QC

    Tried to return my ONEPLUS 8 Pro due to freezing issues and the camera app (the camera screen would come up with no buttons to take a picture). I returned it within the 15-day delay, but they refused to reimburse me (as advertised) because the sheet of paper that the SIM card tool was attached to was ripped. No refund because of a piece of paper! INCREDIBLY disappointed in ONEPLUS.

  3. Chinni Diwakar

    i like OOS because it is clean with no bloatware, and fast like stock, some design changes wont affect me unless it makes the software bad. every one says its one ui, so what? if one ui is better than stock UI for one handed use, then so be it. infact you are getting that one handed usage of one ui with out the bloat of samsung, when i talk about bloat i talk about samsung app store+google play store, samsung notes+google notes, samsung calendar+google calender, etc not some easily removable apps. but they shouldnt have added them anyway.

  4. Stefan

    Good phone, everything works fast, but they can`t, for the love of god, make it wake up on notifications, like any other god damn phone on the planet. How hard can it possible be

  5. Ventem

    Can anyone confirm if notification bubbles are included with OxygenOS 11? I'm pretty sure Android 11 includes bubbles for stock messages app and I was looking forward to that feature. Makes holding conversations while doing other things on your phone a lot easier.

  6. space monkey

    Guys I need help. I downloaded os 11 on my OnePlus 8 from internet. It was not normal system update I couldn't wait and did it. Now am worried cause my friends telling me it's not good and dangerous. Now can someone tell me how dangerous it is and if there is a way to fix it?

  7. Gertrude Cyplenkov

    This is why iphone is the best when I open an app like weather I don't want half the information on the bottom to be forced to scroll down I can already see 90% of the info I need right away and close it.

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