OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Finally a Flagship!

OnePlus finally made a flagship phone flagship features and a flagship price.
OnePlus 8 Pro:
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31 Replies to “OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Finally a Flagship!”

  1. Raunak Arun

    Edit to xXNiceXboyXx :
    Mkb :dies
    Mkb one week later: so ive been dead for 1 week and here are my thoughts,
    Is it good?, …yes…………and no, ill explain

  2. Herman Waibel

    if this phone would match the pixel in photo quality, or if Google would allow us to straight up install gcam and take advantage of the tech in it, it would be in my hand right now.

  3. Manish Parashar

    @mkbhd since u haven't said a single word about the display problems of oneplus 8pro till now (26/8/2020 4:04PM)… that only shows how handsomely u reviewers are paid by these company.. 10 out of 10 devices are facing these display problems all around the world… neither the company addresses it… and nor u.. whom we so blindly trust and rely on before buying something… u so called "tech reviewers". Such a shame. Never expected this from u.

  4. V3n0m917

    I don't understand the hype and praise for OnePlus. I had the 7 pro, and within a month, got rid of it. Hated the operating system. Glad I sold it before the 7T came out. Using a Huawei p30 pro, 3ver since. Won't go back.

  5. সুরজিৎ

    Can we get one plus 8 pro Lite from Oneplus ?? 🧐 (Same design)
    So that everyone can take a beautifully designed phone from Oneplus😊
    It would be great if something like this happen by OnePlus😄
    [ 4g connectivity, It's best If it is around 25000 Rs. with 3.5 mm jack 😉.]

    Who agrees with my opinion 😁😄😅🤗✌️👌👏🤪🙃

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