OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Huawei P40 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max | Camera Comparison!

With the new OnePlus 8 Pro marked as a bonafide flagship, how does its camera stack up against the Galaxy S20 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max & Huawei P40 Pro?

OnePlus 8 Pro:
Galaxy S20 Ultra:
Huawei P40 Pro:
iPhone 11 Pro Max:
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Nanlite Pavotube:
Sony A7III:
Tamron 28-75:

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48 Replies to “OnePlus 8 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Huawei P40 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max | Camera Comparison!”

  1. John Hannibal

    OnePlus be like: the character hasn't been unlocked yet 😂

    Why bother with other smartphone camera reviews on YouTube when yours have so much detail and clarity in them. Subscribed!

    Are you going to run tests on the Xperia 1 II's camera anytime soon?

  2. Story Of Ecom

    I would say one plus 8 pro is the winner…….compared and contrast everything from price range to features……if the one plus comes up with $1000 above then surely one plus brand would be the topmost in the world…..Samsung, Huawei and iPhones can not provide that much features in this price segment even now one plus 8 pro is competing equally, except one plus 8 pro other three devices are 50% price higher than one plus…..that means…you know guys

  3. Dantedijon1

    I'm a Samsung guy but ONE thing I really dont like about the new Samsung phones is when you recording a video and move the camera you see jitters. Overall, you cant go wrong with any one of these phones, they all take great videos and photos

  4. R. jt

    in camera : oneplus did not able to blur the background but still choose oneplus
    oneplus did wrong blur to girl hair in the pic
    oneplus wide angel shot is not wide as compaired to apple & samsung anyone can tell that difference &
    then u say u choose oneplus and huawei
    compared to other three phones oneplus night shot r shot , less detail , and more shadow around the corners

  5. mwboost

    Samsung still needs improvement to me. Still good but some things stand out to me that always have. Like blowouts, blurring or smudging fine details in moderate to low light. Also halo effects around subjects or people.

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