OnePlus 8 Review: Special No More!

OnePlus 8 does a lot right for $699… but the landscape is different.
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42 Replies to “OnePlus 8 Review: Special No More!”

  1. Lester Walit

    Knowing how much of a joker and sarcasm masters my friends are, I can already imagine a conversation scenario.

    Friend: what phone are you using?

    Me: Oneplus 8

    Friend: 9

  2. theGipper

    Please explain me, why do people need/like wireless charging, because I don't get it. With a simple wire you can use it while you are laying in a bed and etc, but with wireless it needs to sit on some device and it's slower.

  3. Lakshithan Ravikumar

    I bought my oneplus 8 back in July, it was functioning really well, but all of a sudden today while I was using the screen, it went black. When I took it to the store they told that there might be a display issue which costs half the price of the phone ๐Ÿ™ truly disappointed

  4. Moein Mirjalili

    Another one is that, each company could have different prices in different countries. 1+s r rly expensive here. For example, 8pro has the same price that S20 Ultra has !

  5. Jamie Villa

    it's pretty obvious that you are talking waaaayyyyyy to much to make the video long enough…nothing in this review that matters…moving your thumb up and down doesn't show me anything feature wise….I feel like I watched this video and didn't learn anything about this phone other than what I could have learned from reading the specs….oh and the weight comparison…it feels better…oh and you want to get blind tested…ugh…

  6. Laura Montoya

    Hello! I am planning in switching from an old iPhone to a OnePlus 8. Iโ€™ve read a lot about the phone and I am generally really excited to switch. However, I have noticed a couple reviews indicating new OnePlus 8 users experienced issues with sending texts, receiving texts, and calls dropping. I figured this was related to their cell carrier but many of these reviewers mentioned they had never experienced issues like this with any other phones. I did want to ask if other people have experienced this issue with their OnePlus 8? Would it be better to order the phone directly from OnePlusโ€™ website instead of buying it in store?

  7. Pranav Choudhary

    What I hate in this phone, is why they put the macro camera, it should have been a telephoto.
    As a consumer we need. 48mp primary not more than that. 12 mp telephoto and 12 mp ultrawide.

  8. Dexy83

    I've always had HTC smartphones, no other brand. Sadly, HTC is no longer making phones for the US. (Maybe worldwide, but ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผ) My U11 has died, so I have to find not only a new phone, but a new brand. Sucks! I was searching TMobile's phone lineup and this was actually the first one after filtering/sorting. My only since the beginning problem with the U11 was the width… I have tiny hands, and holding it with one hand was always a chore, but one I was able to work around with a ring holder/stand. From first glance, this phone is a little smaller @ 72.9 vs 75.9 for the U11. However, it's a longer @ 160.2 vs 153.9 U11. I don't think the length will be an issue. If anyone has any insight on the HTC U11 comparison to this, or any current phone, please let me know. I'm happy we have choices, but this many choices is a lot for my ADHD brain. lol

  9. Raghav Gupta

    In india oneplus 8 series is selling at the cheapest price in the world at about $599 and on the other hand there is apple selling its phones at the highest… ๐Ÿ™„

  10. Sunny borah

    Stop obsessing about iPhone brother. The era is gone. Oneplus is the future. And also in 1000 countries except the United States.. IPhone cost a kidney when compared to oneplus. So Oneplus wins every single time.

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