OnePlus 8 Series Launch Event

#LeadwithSpeed and join us for the unveiling of the #OnePlus8Series Launch Event.
Coming April 14:

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48 Replies to “OnePlus 8 Series Launch Event”

  1. CJ Tabunda III

    Frankly, I don't mind the price range. I mean, we demand too much from OnePlus, of course, there's a high price to pay for high quality specs! All of us asked for it, remember?! So, what's the point of whining about the high price? I'm just saying and I'm sorry if I'm gonna offend a lot of people for my very frank comment.

    Price wise, however, the top spec OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are still cheaper compare to Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11.

  2. DynamicDuo

    Hi Oneplus!

    I am from Samsung user
    I like Oneplus because of high spec like Snapdragon 855+ and 865 , 12 GB ram , 90 or 120 hrz etc
    and I also like the design like Oneplus 6T , Oneplus 7 pro ,Oneplus 7T , Oneplus 8 and 8 pro and the awsome Oneplus nord. But, in software it have latest android but,I don't like Oxygen OS. I don't know why because I come from Stock android and Android One and I think you truely deserve Android One because You have the best hardware in Oneplus (like Oneplus 7T and 8 pro) and Google have the best Software devices (like Google pixel 3 and 4) If you bring Android One in Oneplus No one can stop you even Apple and Samsung can't stop you because Samsung have best hardware and Google have best Software. Trust me you deserve Android One.If you bring android One on oneplus I will Switch from Samsung to Oneplus 7T

  3. সুরজিৎ

    Can we get one plus 8 pro Lite from Oneplus ?? 🧐 (Same design)
    So that everyone can take a beautifully designed phone from Oneplus😊
    It would be great if something like this happen by OnePlus😄
    [ 4g connectivity, It's best If it is around 25000 Rs. with 3.5 mm jack 😉.]

    Who agrees with my opinion 😁😄😅🤗✌️👌👏🤪🙃

  4. Best Auntie Ever

    You did what LG did and ruined a great looking device. LG had rear buttons and then stopped. You had the pop up camera and then moved to that ugly pin hole, notch, whatever you want to call it camera. I'll keep my 7 Pro.

  5. Baby Yoda

    One plus remind me of Apple a lot! The way they do things. It’s like they only say something when they have something important to say

  6. Srijith

    Hey oneplus the phone is quite cool but only thing that disappoints us is the price. Too costly man we need the pro to be 700 bucks.

  7. Mritunjoy Takhellambam

    U should be so shameful oneplus, making fun of apple n all that stuffs u r saying, i mean even samsung doesn’t do that kind of stuffs nowadays, i mean people have grown up. The news just came out bout the world best selling phone n iphone 11 is holding the top 1 position😆🤣😂. I mean u don’t even hold in the top 10 position. Even the new samsung s20 plus 5g holds in top 9, iphone 11 pro max in top 7 n iphone 11 pro in top 8. All that u r making fun of apple in your conference is just a waste of time oneplus, u should be so shameful. I mean even during this Covid-19 pandemic they r holding the no 1 world best phone, i mean u don’t even near close to this spot. So so so…. shameful oneplus, all that slogans, “never settle” for nothing, just a waste of time.😂🤣😆👌👌👌

  8. Bruno Vitanza

    If you want to have a good phone for video enthusiast you should add a headphone jack, then it can be use to monitor audio or to plug a shotgun or wireless microphone like Rode while being charged. No dongles.
    Learn from the new Sony phone, they nailed it. Stop following Apple stupidity. I don't understand why you did copy the most stupid move Apple ever made. Removing the headphone jack.

  9. Feyzi Ercan

    Your sales official distributor in Turkey are guaranteed when the device brought from European countries will start selling quite well in our country

  10. Mr. Goes

    Don't Buy OnePlus mobiles. They crash. They always crash. Stay away from this brand. I use One plus 6 and they keep sending compulsory updated to my phone with bugs in it. The mobile doesn't work well after the updates. Coz they want us to buy new phones. Kindly stay away from One Plus. It's a scam big scam.

  11. Sohaib Mahagri

    What now could you ask for?
    how about
    -minimizing those edges and more importantly
    -NIGHT MODE in lock screen. I hate when I unlock and night light appears, I hate that transition.

  12. Saravana Kumar

    Wait, what? Best Display and Camera in the market, Oneplus said this just 6months before on 11 Oct 2019. After the launch of Oneplus 8, reviewer started saying, Oneplus 7 series has little more color staturation than the actuall picture in camera.

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