OnePlus Nord + Buds – Value Returns!

Before my review of the One Plus Nord, here are my early thoughts on the best value phone of the year and the new OnePlus Buds.

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21 Replies to “OnePlus Nord + Buds – Value Returns!”

  1. Ahmed Shaikh

    Dave's videos always make technology much more interesting to me. I love his style of talking: it feels super natural and heart to heart. The video format and thumbnails are just off the charts for a channel having the sub count it has (not even 3 mil at the time of writing this). The entire channel just feels terribly underrated. Love the satisfied expression after painting the charge cable teal (and how it should be!).

    P.S. Dave, genuine question, do you use a script at all?

  2. J. M. Pérez

    Kind of look like iphone earphones, ugly! Edit: I'm a oneplus fan, but I'm disappointed, they could have done a much better design. Needles to say that I'm not buying that junk of headphones they made

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