OnePlus Nord – Pretty much everything you could ask for

Here’s what pretty much everything looks like.
Available at a pretty great price.
OnePlus Nord has arrived. #OnePlusNord

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49 Replies to “OnePlus Nord – Pretty much everything you could ask for”

  1. Mark Movies

    I buy Onepuls nord In pre book in firstsale .and now i Get some issue on display without physical damage .then why you should charging fees. I am shame that i buy oneplus , i never recommend to someone to buy oneplus.@oneplus

  2. Luka Lažeta

    I have it and its great. Only one thing. Its more like strange they did that. Basicly main camera can record 4K videos on 30 fps whats great for the budget phone. But front camera can record video on 4K on 60fps. Its actualy great but its strange they did that with the front camera and not with the main one. But its awsome phone and you really dont need something better unless you like to have some strong and fast phone with the good speed, camera or you like to have good fps on the games. Iam person who dont need some high end phone so i get this one. And its really more then enough for me. Good cameras, RAM, 90hz screen and od course memory and battery what is most important to me. Probably gonna stick to oneplus. Lets just hope when they become very popular they will not raise the price too much and get greedy. That will be a big no no.

  3. pianodon

    I had the original OnePlus One then a OnePlus 3T. Finally I ended up with a OnePlus 5T and I think it's a fine phone. I don't play games so I'm not sure exactly why I would want to upgrade. I love the speed of charging, plus it's not a Samsung or an iPhone. Those are two good things.

    And I'm not going to pay $850 to over $1,000 for a dang telephone. So why should I upgrade and what other one plus product should I get? I like my phone, the OnePlus 5T.

  4. Epicgameryeet

    Oneplus: Huawei but cooler. (and they make good ads and promotion material that dosent look like badly translated Chinese to English, and oneplus dosent sell your information to the chinese government (or atleast I think they dont) but seriously Huawei, Big storage? Big. Storage. BIG. STORAGE. YOU KNOW THAT "BIG STORAGE" DOSENT MAKE YOU SOUND LIKE ONE OF THE BIGGEST SMARTPHONE MANUFACTURERS IN THE WORLD.

  5. PureAwkwardness

    Pretty much everything you could ask for, eh?
    How about
    -Wireless charging
    -IP rating
    -Actually good sensors, the macro and depth sensors mean nothing
    -An actual metal frame
    -Not actually settling

  6. CJ Tabunda III

    Watching this from my recently bought OnePlus Nord. The experience is a blast! 👍😁

    It is truly the phone that I wanted and asked for. Kudos to OnePlus 👍

  7. tanjid rifat

    i need a headphone jak//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////and card slot///////////////////////////////////////

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