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The OnePlus Nord is like the north star for many OnePlus fans — it’s a return (of sorts) to the affordable price point that originally defined the company’s ‘flagship killer’ mentality. But while the Nord is no flagship killer, it’s definitely got a lot to offer.

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36 Replies to “OnePlus Nord: Top 5 COMPLAINTS and TAKEAWAYS”

  1. Jabir Kanyana

    one plus nord very very bad phone this Look is good call sensor not working there many problems on this phone i loss my money please don't buy anyone don't vest your money

  2. Mayur Dadhania

    just bought nord and camera suddenly corrupted , visit service centre , they taken my new phone for repair and would be back 7 days ….. this is realy pathetic how you feel if new phone in repair

  3. araL nedleS

    Any people with small hands that own this phone? How is it to use and hold? I'm worried it will be too large for me. I had the Nokia 7 plus that is almost exactly the same length but 2.3 cm wider and I HATED the size and found it very awkward to use, ultimately dropping and breaking it within 2 weeks. I'm wondering if the design of the back makes it comfortable to hold to the degree that the size I think is too big may not actually be a deal breaker.

  4. araL nedleS

    Whyyy does it have to be that big? Used to love oneplus, the oneplus 2 was phenomenal at the time. Now I can no longer use their devices as they are too big and awkward for my lil lady fingers. Appreciate people love big phones too, just wish they would release a compact version.

  5. Shahrukh Zaman Akash

    In my opinion, Oneplus needed to be used better optics for the nord. But again, at this price point, we can't complain much. It's a complete package with all the necessary checkpoints.

    Great content and keep it coming including more in-depth reviews. Hope to see you reach 1M Subscribers soon.

  6. Diogo Silva

    Subscribed as part of the Mr. Mobile 1M contest giveaway. Your reviews come from a consumer standpoint which helps real people looking for useful reviews.

  7. badtz

    This is a very helpful list. I hadn't considered the plastic build components. I hope that they resolve some of these issues in the possible upcoming T version. Great video as always!

  8. Chris

    We need more quality videos like this on YouTube. Keep up the great work and you just gained a new permanent subscriber. 👍

  9. Himanshu Chadha

    Hi Josh, I have been following you since the time you were with Android authority. The reason for following Android authority back then was your perfect reviews of phones and other tech stuff. Your reviews are crustal clear and totally unbiased. I always watch your videos before buying any new mobile phone. I hope to see you being more active on YouTube so that we all can enjoy your videos even more. Cheers !

  10. Abhishek Kumar

    Nice video man but can you plz include in your videos that for how many years any device will support new os updates. And can you tell me for how many years oneplus phone support OS update.

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