Oppo Find 5 Review

Seemingly altogether, manufacturers from China are bringing their brands of Android to Western shores. Oppo, however, is a bit of an anomaly in the Android marketplace. What could a Blu-Ray player company bring to the table? Well, turns out they know what they’re doing. See this review on the rather awesome Oppo Find 5, the company’s first foray into smartphones and the first true device of 2013 to take on the 5 inch screen space.

OPPO Find 5 Find5 X909 Quad-core 1.5GHz 13MP 16GB 2GB 5.0″ IPS 1080P 1920*1080:

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47 Replies to “Oppo Find 5 Review”

  1. Brandon Harrelson

    Funny how this "huge" 5 inch screen was such a big deal in this video. Fast-forward 2 years and it seems like 5.5 is becoming the standard. I still prefer more manageable 4.7 or 5 inch phones though.

  2. bjorn vanoppen

    I can not find anything about the recording audio quality .
    this is very important to me.
    I've had a iphone4 years. the audio quality was very good even at +90 db . 7/10
    Now, I recently purchased the nexus4. the audio with videos is worthless. 1/10
    I can not keep the nexus . I want to buy the otto find5 but now I wanna know how the recording sound quality is . also from the mx2
    there are no sample videos only with verry silant sounds.
    who can help me becouse otherwise I have

  3. Devo Castler

    It's a great phone but so many points are wrong in this review.
    1.) 1:10 – This may be the only smartphone with a steel frame; NOT plastic.
    2.) 3:04 – The challenge is rendering text when zoomed out due to letter-vs-pixel size.
    3.) 3:55 – It's not Oppo's screen, IPS is LG's technology is manufactured by LG.
    4.) 5:24 – That's not memory, it's storage (capacity). (Memory = R.A.M.)
    5.) 8:56 – "13 megapixel optics" Complements the optics while talking about sensor res?

  4. Sam Alexander

    mind you that Oppo Find 5 has a steal body…and you call Sony Xperia Z has better build quality???? and Mind you that Oppo Find 5 has Dirac Audio tech in it…they use it in cars like Bentley, BMW, and Rolls Roys…now do you get it?

  5. Sam Alexander

    well..greatest irony on earth is that everything is made in China. and why would you always focus on the cheap ones? there are expensive ones but you just can't afford it, then it's not China's fault that you guys love quality but wouldn't wanna pay higher price.

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