Oppo Find 5 unboxing

Unboxing the unlocked Oppo Find 5!


13 Replies to “Oppo Find 5 unboxing”

  1. DxCBuG

    I am really interested in this phone because it fullfills all my requirements. Price: Not too high. CPU/GPU : Enough Power. Battery: Huge. SD: Yes

    But my question is if the battery is changeable or built in ?

  2. Eileen the Crow

    Huh.. Never heard of this, but i think it looks way better than the htc one or gs4 (which has terrible build quality). Might consider getting one, where can I check which bands are supported in my area? I'm in Dallas/ft worth TX.

  3. Stefan Mai

    Consider this a hater comment about the camera focus. When I watch an (allegedly professional) unboxing or hands-on I really don't care what you shoot with as long as the picture doesn't get blurry every 5 seconds so *please* reconsider your preference.
    Other than that, I like the Find 5. Great device.

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