Oppo Find 5 Unboxing and First Review

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Today I look at the mysterious Oppo Find 5 Android superphone. Not familiar with Oppo? You will be be after this product. The company usually manufactures Bluray players and other products but this time they are jumping into the mobile market with a splash. This phone features a unlocked Pentaband 3G radio for T-Mobile and AT&T in the USA, 5 inch 1080p Display, QuadCore Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor, Android 4.1 and a whopping stacked 13MP camera sensor! This build quality has to be seen to judge. It is one of the best built devices I have ever held. All for a great price of $499. Can this phone compete with the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4? Oppo thinks so. Watch to find out. Subscribe today and thumbs up on the video if you enjoyed it! Watch for the full review soon.

24 Replies to “Oppo Find 5 Unboxing and First Review”

  1. TMO

    The thing I love most, is that Europe is finally not getting screwed over! We're paying exactly as much as in America instead of more than the unconverted dollar price.. like with every other phone that is $599 in America and €649 in Europe..

  2. Luis Baquerizo

    The Find 5 is not better than the HTC One. Let me tell you why. I bought the phone and I am very fond of it but man its annoying that after months Oppo still in beta for the Color Rom and the one that came with the phone, well they don't support it anymore. My Find 5 it's rooted and has a custom recovery and i have flash lots of Roms but the stock rom the battery is Terrible.

  3. 3rdOfMalkavain

    I don't know if you got your answer yet. I am not certain if the phone comes with an applied screen protector, but you can order one from the Oppo Find 5 website for 9$

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