OPPO Find 7 – Find More

This is the story about a magician who found more within himself when he came into contact with the Find 7.

Find more. Find that extra energy. Find yourself and take on the world.

OPPO Find 7

41 Replies to “OPPO Find 7 – Find More”

  1. Ninja Nigga

    to be honest, kinda disappointed with oppo costumer service.. if you buy oppo smartphone then prepare yourself to stuck only with kitkat and lolipop version.. even their lolipop are not stable and have ram management issue.. oneplus is way better eventho they're both pretty much the same company. RIP Oppo

  2. dark

    Hey guys, can find 7 users leave a comment about your phone ColorOS version please? because I was wondering if mine is out to date, mine is still at ColorOS V1.2.9i. (sorry for my bad English.)

  3. Ankit Gupta

    though people calling phone is excellent it was not successful and in advertisement he was destroying life line of poor people who are living by that profession(hindi mai bolte hai na garibo ke pet par lat mar raha hai to success kaha se hoga)

  4. Nourel Syifa

    hey can I ask? I just bought this phone for how many months ago, and then yesterday, I cant open the camera until now. what is the solve of this problem?

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