OPPO Find 7 – Raise the Bar

Setting the standard for what is to come. The Find 7 is a phone that’s designed to push the limits of modern mobile technology.

5.5″ Quad HD screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution (538 PPI), Gorilla Glass 3, 4G LTE support, 13 megapixel Sony Exmor IMX214 CMOS sensor with 4K video recording and 50 megapixel Super Zoom photos, Snapdragon 801 CPU, expendable storage up to 128 GB, removable battery, Skyline Notification, Rapid Charge, MaxxAudio and more…

Find 7 – Raise the Bar

31 Replies to “OPPO Find 7 – Raise the Bar”

  1. Rhys B

    All the comments saying "2k is unnecessary for a phone." the same thing was said about 1080p displays on phones when they were coming out, now if your phone doesn't have 1080p it's not a "high end" phone, same thing will happen to 2k displays.

  2. Bernat Camps

    Oh man I just love love so much the end. It's an awesome phone too. Big companies must start to do something different to reach your technology!! Keeep going Oppo!

  3. vassie66

    well the limit is that if you drop it in the water, it's dead totally. unlike Sony or Samsung, their flagship is waterproof and dust resistant!!!

  4. DrummingStig

    This is why I love OPPO, they're pushing the game to its limit and now they come up with this magnificent looking phone. I hope I can get one soon ^^

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