Oppo Find 7 Review: Premium, somewhat

The Oppo Find 7 is the premium version of the company’s smartphone that sports a Quad-HD display, but is that enough to sweeten the pot? Josh brings you his review of the Oppo Find 7.

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25 Replies to “Oppo Find 7 Review: Premium, somewhat”

  1. Bruce Lee

    Speakers are stereo or mono. Cannot identify cause too close to each other. I raise the volume to hear clearer but my ears bleed. Can anyone confirm?

  2. Sammy Akharaz

    Also didn't mention how the phone titanium alloy frame was built to keep cool with thermal dispersion, at least thats what it said on the website. 
    Does the phone stay cool?

  3. Sammy Akharaz

    I think you dismissed the camera as not amazing too quickly, SKIPPED OVER SO MANY FEATURES:
    the ultra hd multi-shot that takes a 50 megapixel picture by stiching 10 pics together with one picture,
    the builtin hdr,
    the night shot capabilites,
    4K video recording(wtf how do you slip over that?!?!)
    120fps slow mo recording
    and 5 megapixel front facing is pretty good for a front facing camera also.

  4. culda1984

    I was just browsing the gsmarena website, and I came across a phone called IUNI U3. From what I can tell, Oppo Find 7 and LG G3 will have serious competition if that phone becomes popular. Specs include QHD display, 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 801, and 3GB RAM. All of that with a price tag of around $320. About the audio for the Find 7, it gets pretty loud after tweaking with Maxxaudio. 

  5. Austin Li

    There should be an option in the settings that you can toggle on which uses the proximity sensor to sense if the phone is in your pocket or not so the screen gestures won't be triggered. 

  6. Carl Tics

    Biggest factor is size. The LG G3 is already a really big phone, but it's kept bearable by the bezels. I couldn't possibly go to the size of the Oppo. Also, I've had Samsungs and whilst I feel their design has stalled and is being left behind, I will give them credit for one thing, and that's the capacitive buttons. On a Galaxy for instance, they light up so you can actually see them. On the Oppo, it's a case of guess where they are.
    Finally, I love accessories and in the case of the Oppo, you're gonna struggle getting cases, tempered glass protection etc. 
    Credit Oppo for the speakers, notification light and charger though. 

  7. sachinpoduval

    This phone is definitely worth the extra money over the 7a. For $100 more you get more internal storage, more RAM, slightly faster processor and higher resolution screen. Partition on the phone is a problem but there's a workaround on Oppo forums. Good thing rooting doesn't void your warranty. I recommend it if you are going to root it and mess around with the partition.

  8. Stephen Tennant

    I have the Find 7 international edition and its brilliant..one thing though Josh…my Find 7 has 2 speakers on the back (grouped together behind the one speaker grill) as opposed to the one rear speaker you claimed  and my experience is the opposite of yours.  These speakers are so loud that they are the closest rival to HTC boomsound speakers on my one M8!!  Seriously..other reviews of the Find 7 also found this ……so it sounds like not all Find 7s are made equal….

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