Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Unboxing

I unbox my new, bloody awesome Chinese phone, it really is all that…

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50 Replies to “Oppo Find 7 Smartphone Unboxing”

  1. Dowlphwin

    2:17 ?
    2:49 Mirrors below the handlebar? Interesting. Are they as functional as other types?
    4:25 Not as creepy as the livestreaming dollface stuff. But people have to be aware that what that phone does is standard in magazine publishing, marketing and everything. Heck, maybe one day movie actors will stop wearing makeup and they'll just do that in post-processing.
    5:03 I wouldn't trust a Skype call to be unmodified either. (Personally, I find even lipstick disturbing. That's how much I value authenticity. I'd rather kiss the paint job on a car than on a woman.)
    These days everybody tries to be a smartphony. I wonder where that's coming from.
    5:47 I notice those windscreen stickers have different years on them. Could it be that you could have but didn't get the old ones removed for some reason?
    6:25 Odd: The plug looks like U.S. standard, but with 220 V.
    9:15 mAh is probably of minor interest with so many different battery voltages these days. Wh will always give you a relatable indication of how much juice is in there.
    10:00 I'd assume they're relatively loud because China is loud, heh.
    10:52 Pro tip: Bridge the awkward wait with couting the logo shiny animation cycles together with your audience. ? (jk – elevator music would have been great.)
    11:077 Connected to wi-fi … not to be confused with being connected to wifey. ?
    11:15 LOL! Expensive phone but Cheapnese translation to Engrish.
    11:23 I just realized how excellent point-and-click adventure games are for mobile. (Well, you can't properly admire the art though. But what a great captivating time sink. … And no tendency/need for autosaves in that type of game.)
    12:43 If you got the flu tomorrow, you know where it came from, haha. Damaged chi body.
    15:37 Top-of-the-line owner all proud of his Quadcum Fapdragon
    15:46 LOL, "root it and install Google apps". … I would root a phone to get rid of that stuff. ?

  2. Chris Sabre

    Oppos is very popular in the philipines,so much that I though it was made there.

  3. cdn soul

    I bought 2 Chinese made smartphones through official channels when I lived in Siberia. Both were very good quality and worked perfectly but….. as soon as I got to Canada, neither of them worked although all the specs say they should. Apparently every mobile gives out an I.D. number that the service provider can identify and, of course, blocked the ones bought elsewhere. Before smartphones, yes I still have one of those, there was no problem whatsoever. So this is a heads up.

  4. William Hurst

    When we moved to Egypt we just unlocked our Iphones and used them. We will be in Shekou in Aug. Will our American Iphones work as well in China or do you suggest buying a local phone, like your oppo?

  5. Andrew Kwan

    Oppo is actually one of the big brands in China. It's up there with Huawei. They are well known for very high quality Blu ray players outside of China. And you have one of the flagship Oppo phones. Amazing buy considering its $599 outside of China.

  6. Peter Austin

    Why did you do the unboxing in the car and not where you were staying?
    Why did you do the unboxing right down to the plastic film cover?
    You asked how do you get this thing out of the box when you had been using it for a week?
    Why would you suppose everyone wants to date Chinese girls?
    The reason the camera kept going to beauty mode was probably because that's what you had been using to take so many photos of yourself all week.
    After two lengthy videos we still didn't really see what the phone was capable of doing, and lastly for fucks sake use a tripod when doing reviews, I felt sea sick after watching your vids.

  7. SeaJayB

    Inspired by this I had a look at some cheap, Chinese phones with good reviews.  I went for a Cubot s208.

    It's dirt cheap (90 gbp), great quality (pretty much a Samsung s3/s4) and dual sim.  Definitely have a look at them.

  8. vtwinv

    i too bought oppo find 7 3500RMB… not yours 7a … but my version was chinese and i wanted them to refund me since the sales lady did kind of lie to me by saying that "once you buy i'll set you up in international version"… what they really did was only change the device language in the setting menu and my chinese built in apps and the chinese app store remained in chinese and i could only download chinese apps from it… not the english versions… and not the google apps… because i did not have the play store. so oppo took the device back to make changes to it. otherwise ill just get a refund. by the way it'll be nice if you could share your wechat, if you dont mind. oh and i live in shenyang (north east part)… :p

  9. vtwinv

    man i love your videos, it helped me with alot of things.. i too am currently living in china and i learned many things about china from your channel … keep it coming

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