OPPO Find 7 – Stock Android (AOSP) Lollipop review

OPPO’s first Lollipop update is quite a surprise. It’s not ColorOS, but rather a stock Android build, and it’s going on my Tech Altar for a review. Check it out!

Where to get this ROM from:

Flashing tutorial:

Follow for more beard:

Video gear:
Camera: Sony RX100 III
Microphone: Zoom H1
Tripod: Coman CN-0
LED lights (white): Yongnuo YN300
Color LED light bulbs: Revogi Lightbulb
Color LED desk light: Revogi Candle
Color LED strip: Revogi LED Strip
Portable SSD: Samsung T1

24 Replies to “OPPO Find 7 – Stock Android (AOSP) Lollipop review”

  1. Emilio Baquero Rz.

    Hi friend !: I have the oppo find 7a updated with coloros 2.1.5i beta fuul zip lolipop 5.0, and I wanted to flash the ROM Spectrum all versions and I can not, because it tells me error when flashing … I do not know if it's by The coloros or because he already has lollipop? … only this ivy friend, many thanks .. a hug.

  2. DatDude Nic

    HELP!!! After i flashed this rom, I can't change it anymore. whenever I try to flash another rom it says to wipe my data (Wipe data of around 250 mb). please reply asap. Also I'm getting random reboots when I installed this ROM, I've already formatted my phone several times whilst using this ROM.

  3. Frank Velazquez

    TechAlta can i update from Color OS v2.1.3 to AOSP Lollipop with the same steps? and how is battery life? is considerable better. The new 2.1.3 give me around 8.5 hours of use. Thanks in advance.

  4. Dylan Yuen

    Hey I just got my oppo find 7 in the mail today and was wondering if I should go with this stock lollipop build. (I'd prefer stock android over coloros) just not sure if this is a solid legit build as I'm very confused with oppos software updates and such

  5. DieGrünenSindDieNeuenBraunen

    Google services will suck the last bit of juice out of your battery in any country. Just make your mind up get the apps you REALLY need from alternative sources and kick all google servies including exchange (push). You will enjoy much more battery life (x2) and privacy of your data 😉

  6. Khai

    Hi mate. I already installed the lolipop but I just have one problem, I can't find my app files. Its gone and I dunno how to find it. I appreciate if you can help me.

  7. ابو فيصل Altamimi

    Hello my friend

    I Mohammed from Saudi Arabia, a member of your channel

    Very fact I thank you for everything you do

    I have a device oppo find 7 

    And I have benefited a lot from you

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend

    I have a question concerning rom  color os 2.08 based in 4.4.2

    Do you recommend me to keep it unchanged
    Or do I update to 5.0 from cm 12 ??
    And by the way you like daniel bryan 🙂

  8. Theebaan G

    Awesome stuff man! My girlfriend has an Oppo Find 7A. Still tryin to get her to agree to this. Lol. Quick question: I flashed the Lillopop ROM onto my Xiaomi Mi3, and its been having rebooting issues and also failure to capture video. Do you think there's a more stable ROM out there, maybe something like this one?

  9. jet lee

    Hello I'm a oppo find 7a user in Malaysia, and I found out there is a lollipop update for the find 7/7a .Can I ask is this pure made by oppo or just a custom ROM. Thanks

  10. Emmanuel Venasquez

    +TechAltar I have a question, before you updated your Find 7/a on Lollipop from what version you were before? If ever, I'm still running on Color OS 2.0.0i Kitkat build could I update it straight to Lollipop or should I flash the Color OS 2.0.8i first then to Lollipop?

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