Oppo Find 7 – Top 7 Features!

As we round out our Oppo Find 7 launch coverage, Josh brings you the top 7 features that easily set this new offering apart.

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29 Replies to “Oppo Find 7 – Top 7 Features!”

  1. Jian Ning Teoh

    Buy it and you won't regret! I didn't own a Find 7 but I have its brother, the Oppo Find 7a and I can tell u that it's unbelievably awesome! The speed is blazing fast, screen colour is crisp and pops, loud speaker is loud and clear, useful offscreen gestures, the Oppo Forum's crews are friendly and they'll reply promptly to your question in detail.

  2. hadi kakashi

    Hi guys thanks for the great review!!!
    sorry but can i request a calender widget for this phone
    *PS i usually view the calender widget as one of my criteria before purchasing a phone 🙂

  3. koh Benny

    They better set their price low if they want people to buy their phones if not,we might well buy the other well known brand such as samsung,htc or lg.

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