Oppo Find 7 vs Oppo N1 – Quick Look!

Josh pits the brand new Oppo flagship against the most recent offering before it. It’s the Oppo Find 7 vs the Oppo N1.

Music by Leandro Pulmones

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42 Replies to “Oppo Find 7 vs Oppo N1 – Quick Look!”


    Did I hear that correctly?? Did you say if you install CM you can still keep the features of Color OS?? Seriously… this phone just keeps getting better and better. The more I hear, the less I care about the useful features of the Moto X.

  2. sabila

    great comparison…..i like n1 but for the size….will there be anything like oppo n1 mini?….kindly confirm for me please and if yes when?

  3. napoleon950

    does the oppo find 7 have android play store/ google play store, or a different one. (like how apple has ios store, and windows has the windows store)

  4. Gravage Hulk

    What I want to know is: Does the 7a have ALL of the same features as the 7, aside from the screen and internal storage (faux 50mp camera, fast charging, etc)?Because the early screen comparisons make the 7a look like it has a better screen with the 7 being a more washed out.

  5. VanSneiwder

    Find 7 looks impressive but the 2k display… Is gonna drain that battery really quickly… My friends with the find 5 complain about this, while my N1 last almosts 3 days with moderate usage (I just automatizer to turn off connections like wi fi and what not after i go to sleep, besides that. there is no other customization)

  6. G G

    This phones are perhaps great phones but for some coughing 700 dollars for phone that does not have any support in any store in the us, well is a little risky

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