Oppo Find 7a Review!

Oppo Find 7a review and 50mp camera tests!

Oppo Find 7/7a:

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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  1. Melanie Marquez

    For me I am happy with my Oppo find 7a.. I've been using it for 1 and half a year now and the main reason why I bought this phone is because it can read up to 2TB from the external hard drive. I love watching movies so I don't have to open my laptop. I just copy my movies from the external hard drive directly to my phone then when I'm done I just delete it! I save space from my phone! Hassle free!

  2. Royce H

    I love HTC and OPPO, simply because they are always taking risks, and pioneering new technology, and everyone else is to scared to try new things.

  3. Dhyana Chetty

    Would be great if you could do a review with the Oppo Find 7a running with Cyanogenmod 12 and compare it with the Oneplus One running CM 12 as well. Would be nice as they have lots of similarities. +Marques Brownlee 

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