Oppo Find X: Motorized Madness!

A smartphone with a motorized top. Notchless. Bezelless. Smartphone design is getting fun again!

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Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus


Phone provided by Oppo for review. Kinda. Thanks Linus.

35 Replies to “Oppo Find X: Motorized Madness!”

  1. alak58

    the design is really impressive ,it's really beautiful,I really don't understand what is going on in Apple's iPhone design team, after iPhone 5S they have;'t been able to design a good looking phone, the iPhone Xs max that i have is so ugly with that notch and foolish vertical camera lump at back.same can be said about Apple watch.it's the ugliest smart watch design by far.
    now I'm not talking about function and software etc just the design aspect.the 12: Macbook and latest iPads looks amazing ,but iPhones and Apple Watch are really poor, ugly designs.

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