Otterbox Case for Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus

This is a detailed review of the best Otterbox case covers for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus in my subjective oppinion.

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– OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 – Frustration Free Packaging – STARDUST (SILVER FLAKE/CLEAR)
– OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ – Frustration Free Packaging – CLEAR

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7 Replies to “Otterbox Case for Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus”

  1. Mr Marcus

    If it's the clear symmetry it'll take about 4 to 6 months, pretty long but a case like the ringke fusion yellows in about one month so beware most yellow quick sincerity mr. Marcus

  2. Mr Marcus

    Hey nice video you should do one about the new symmetry cases for the S10 galaxies, as a matter of fact I don't know what it's called all I know it's an OtterBox Real Slim with ultra protection for the S10 Plus sincerely mr. Marcus

  3. Mr Marcus

    Ouch, LOL next time you pop the case in put the sides in first, for instance first popping the left side with buttons and then continue to pop in the right side instead of putting the phone on from the top to the bottom and nearly breaking it, that sound LOL ouch sincerely mr. Marcus

  4. Cheng Tzuu Bong

    Hi, im thinking of installing a good screen protector for my s9 plus. so far the zagg and another brand i installed on poped off my defender case. Any good recommendations? Thanks

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