(Part 2) Samsung One UI Android 9 – best tips and tricks for Note 9 and S9

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks video for the Samsung One UI/Android 9 Pie. This video includes new as well as the old tips and tricks that will work with Samsung One-UI. Please check the time code below if you would like to skip to any particular part in the video.

1. Built-in game recorder: 0:33
2. Record videos of apps with built-in game recorder:1:56
3. High-performance mode: 4:13
4. Maximum power savings: 5:13
5. Add/Remove quick setting icons from dropdown notification panel: 6:09
6. Navigation Gestures: 6:48
7. Multiwindow/popup view multitasking: 8:49
8. Split screen view: 10:37
9. How to get youtube to play music in the background: 10:58
10. How much battery backup do I get some tips to get better battery backup on your galaxy: 12:01

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25 Replies to “(Part 2) Samsung One UI Android 9 – best tips and tricks for Note 9 and S9”

  1. Anoop Khan

    Bro I have seen your part 1 & 3 videos& it's completely working on my note 8 new version 1ui & Iam watching the 2nd part & hope it will also work . Better put note 8 also in the thumb nail with note 9 & s9+??

  2. J. Chips

    My phone doesn't have game launcher settings like yours does….Is there something I need to do or do some versions just not come with it like that?

  3. Derek Drummond

    If you force games to run in fullscreen mode and have fullscreen gestures enabled you wont be able to access the screen recording options etcbecause there's no nav bar. At least that's what I've found.

  4. Greg PCHandyman

    You say "Now open this up and…." and you lose me. I was at that spot, with my phone in the game launcher. Nothing to "open up" as you did on your phone and thus no way to get to performance mode. Can you explain that please?

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