Pay Less, Get More.. 2018 is Messed Up – Honor 8X Showcase

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29 Replies to “Pay Less, Get More.. 2018 is Messed Up – Honor 8X Showcase”

  1. Luka Djordjevic

    My favorite phones of 2018/2019
    1 Huawei Mate 20 pro 800$ company huawei

    Honor 8x 200$ company huawei
    Honor 7x 200$ company Huawei
    Google pixel 3 xl company Google

  2. Jackson Haymond

    I spent probably about an entire day trying to get mine to work with T-Mobile to get at least 4g only to find out that the bands are supported practically nowhere in the U.S

  3. cartman

    Can you do a review on the Asus Zenfone budget line of there phones . I didn't want to pay for a flag ship price for a phone anymore and got the Asus Zenfone max plus m1 32g unloceked for 340$ in the middle of last year . Would love to see what your thoughts are on them

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