Personalize Your Galaxy Watch With These Bands!

Changing up your Samsung Galaxy Watch bands is a quick easy way to customize the look and feel of the watch to suit your personality. I got my hands on some budget friendly watch bands from Elobeth. Come watch me try them on and see if they’re worth picking up!

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42mm Galaxy Watch Milanese Loop
US –

42mm Galaxy Watch Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bracelet
US –

46mm Galaxy Watch Stainless Steel Bracelet
US –

46mm Galaxy Watch Genuine Leather (Brown)
US –

42mm Galaxy Watch Genuine Leather (Black)
US –


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41 Replies to “Personalize Your Galaxy Watch With These Bands!”

  1. Ayrton S

    Dude how tf I keep ending up on your videos lol? I'm now looking at a watch after purchasing a Note 9 as a result of your Note 9 + Gcam video and surprisingly I RANDOMLY ended up here with another great detailed review whilst browsing on Amazon.

  2. Eiri Yuki

    what is your experience with the magnet and your laptop? I'm worried that it might damage my computer while wearing it since it's so strong. Thanks for the video I loved that rose gold one and bought it. lol

  3. Imelkaramel

    Nice review thao…becuz ur review i just bought my rosegold galaxy watch and bought the ringke bezel n this magnetic rosegold strap…so classy n beautifull…

  4. Joon Kim

    Hey thao love your videos. Just want to get your opinion. I have the galaxy watch 46mm silver with the black rubber strap and already got that silver bezel from one of your videos and wanted to get the magnetic mesh band. Do you think the black or the silver mesh band will look better with the galaxy 46mm watch?

  5. everso_ humbled

    Question have you personally tried any other watch bands for the galaxy watch that was sent to you to try if so can you recommend some plz and thank you in advance

  6. Faith Goodwin

    Hey Thao question so I bought the band for my watch. The rose gold one. Question have you gotten it wet? How has it stood up to that? Because I wash dishes all day, lol 3 boys so i want to know is it waterproof. I'm loving the fit and it's so comfortable. But scared to wet it. Let me know your thoughts since you have had it longer.

  7. C Liu

    A wonderful video which really strapped me to my seat! I was just wondering if you've ever considered testing out OnePlus products?

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