Picking Up YOUR iPhone XR at the Apple Store! (giveaway)

Unboxing your new iPhone XR:
Enter the giveaway through this link: (all entries outside this link will be invalid)
The giveaway is international!

All you have to do is:
1. Subscribe to this channel (no need to subscribe again if you’re already subscribed)
2. For an extra entry, follow my instagram @simplysofias . This is not mandatory but will increase your chances of winning

*NOTE, you must be following these steps through the link, otherwise I will not be able to see your entry.

That’s it! Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address through the link as this is where you’ll be contacted if you win 🙂
Good luck!

(Please note that the phone will be unboxed for a video, but put back in the box just like new for shipping to the winner)

Instagram followers control what iPhone XS Max color I should get:
Instagram followers control my day in Arizona:

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45 Replies to “Picking Up YOUR iPhone XR at the Apple Store! (giveaway)”

  1. Kavel-lee Spaulding

    My dad would never but me this phone and I'm so sad I would really like that phone I have to save up a lot of money to buy it and if I don't have a lot of money in time I can't get

  2. it’s Paytyn

    ok so you probably wont reply because im late to the video, but is the iphone worth it? im switching networks tomorrow and might trade in my phone. just wondering if its worth it :))

  3. alexa montero

    @Simply Sofia Hello 🙂 I am ur biggest fan in philippines hope u will notice me and Hoping that We meet someday, Iloveyou so much sister! May GOD bless you moreeee! Take care <3

  4. Johnson Yao

    Done clicking like button, subscribe to your channel already and click notification bell as well. I am trying my luck here, I'm hoping that I will be the lucky person to be choose. I never win to any kind of giveaways like this, hoping to win iPhone XR. Thank you so much! 🙂 <3

  5. 초무plumie

    OMMG HI QUEEN!! I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY CUZ I DID WHEN I SAW YOUR VIDEO!! I already subscribe and follow you on Instagram and i know this wasn't on the rules but i push the notifications
    P.S slay your world love ya!!
    Instagram: @mestrerious_unnie

  6. kenneth jensen

    I’ve had it about a month now and am loving every minute of it!! People are just to picky anymore and don’t know how to properly use a phone.>>>ur2.pl/1256 The Face ID is lightening fast and so is the processor. Screen is amazingly bright and vibrant as well. Camera is awesome as well! The design is Very sleek!

  7. Khem Corpuz

    I am new here
    I really hope to win your give away co'z I never owned a Iphone in my whole life and I am glad if you pick me as the winner….
    and I want to say here that the phone what I'm using is Samsung core 2 which is actually 4 years now in my hand and it is totally broken and no back cover beacause it bite with my dog…xoxad. and I cannot afford to buy a new phone because I'm just 17 and I don't have money yet. surely sad.

    ~from the Philippines

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