Pixel 2 vs. OnePlus 6

Both Android phones boast premium specs and are cheaper than the Galaxy S9. But which one is right for you?
Which one would you choose? Read the comparison at CNET:

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42 Replies to “Pixel 2 vs. OnePlus 6”

  1. Nisam P M

    I upgraded from pixel 2 to OnePlus 6 in last month.. interms of look ,speed and charging speed i am satisfied.. but in terms of camera and water resistant i am not satified.. waiting for new iphone or pixel 3

  2. EqualLandFreePeople

    pixel 2 xl 1440 screen vs 1080, weak mono speaker, hard to get spot on ear, pixel 2 you can use all networks, oneplus faster, better updates pixel 2, resale value pixel2, waterproof pixel2, camera ?, battery charging ?, I have oneplus6 but I needed phone but to be the screen at 1080p and mono speaker makes it seem weak. Nothing really to comapre to except my free LG cricket phone and in many ways I like that better than oneplus6. Next phone 1440 is minimum and nice speakers and phone calling. But I still like my phone and upgraded photos help.

  3. Sabby Jolly

    Wrong info on a tech channel? Yeah, count on CNET for doing that.

    "Pixel 2 is the only one of the two to use OIS in videos".

    Super wrong.

    OnePlus 6 uses OIS in 60fps video modes.

  4. Yash Patel

    I just bought oneplus 6 and regret buying it, mainly due to the camera. It over sharpens all the images at such a high level that it looks fake. I think my old nexus 5x took more decent photos than this. Go for the pixel guys.

  5. Andy

    Oneplus 6 is cheap with no screen issues, screen is future proof, camera is good, charge is super fast. Oneplus is the best.

  6. Doublinski

    I'd go with OnePlus 6 for the price but if I recall correctly; Best Buy is having up to 400 dollars off on the Pixel 2 Verizion variant. Nevertheless correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. bayotte4

    At least compare it to the Pixel 2 XL? But the Pixel 2 XL ? is the phone of choice for me and most tech reviewers still use it as their daily drivers. Awesome camera software and irreproachable User Experience.

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