Pixel 2 with a Headphone Jack? – LG V30 Review

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Does LG still have a competitive spot in the smartphone market after the relative disaster that was the G5? They think so, and with the V30, we might agree…

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30 Replies to “Pixel 2 with a Headphone Jack? – LG V30 Review”

  1. Harry Drake

    You judge the battery on performance not capacity. The LG V30 easily outlasts phones with larger batteries. This kind of lazy reviewing is why people are so obsessed with specsheets

  2. DarkerMS

    Don’t understand how there are such avid supporters in the comments but LGs phones always seem to flop in actual sales since the G5.

  3. Dani mans

    A note on the eq settings; due to the vast utopia that is the google play store, you can easily find an eq adjustment app for your needs.

  4. Bakit Lionheart

    Personally I like LG's software in a lot of ways. My biggest issue is that I'm big on Minecraft and for some reason the v30 really struggles to maintain 60fps in Minecraft but it runs more intensive games pretty well.

  5. Ram G

    If you compare the two people should know that the v30 and pixel 2xl is like the same thing since not only are their specs similar, the pixel 2 xl is made by LG. And the camera on the v30s are so much more superior than the pixel 2xl, hell my v10 was better than my pixel 2 xls camera but, one thing that scared me for the v30 was bootloop. I experienced it on my v10 and was nervous for the v30. Depending on what the next v series brings I may stay with the pixel or go back to lg.

  6. junaid khan

    Haha I have both phones and pixel 2 is nothing as compare to,lg v30
    V30 feels premium ,better battery .display,sound (quad HD ) brighter bigger screen,with almost no bezel .expandable storage wireless charging pixel 2 has a much better camera and only reason i use it for

  7. Juan Alvarado

    So you fail to mention how the 3300mah battery will last longer throughout the day than the iphone and note8 because lg is better optimized. Also, you didn't mention the wide angle camera and how photos in manual mode are Waaaay better than the other phones you mentioned. Manual mode is a feature and you cant dismiss it.

  8. Raymond Constantino

    I ditched my iPhone Xs Max 256 Gb for V30! I only have it for a week now and i asked myself why i got stucked with Apple for 8 years! This is a 2017 Phone but it overpowers iPhone Xs Max in terms of features(aside from speed of course). The screen is awesome! Sound quality is way better if using a headphone, and not to mention the wide angle camera! Fast charged my phone to 70% for 40 minutes! Expandable Storage Slot! And not to mention the Price Tag, CAD$1750 for Apple and i purchased my V30 for CAD $250!

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