Pixel 2 XL one year later – worth buying?

The Google Pixel 2 XL was one of the best phones of last year, known for stock Android and its amazing camera- although it comes at the cost of the lackluster display. How does it hold up in 2018, and is it still worth buying?

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  1. ThePeoplesChamp

    OVERVIEW: The Google Pixel 2 XL is supposed to be the ultimate Android phone, and although its software stability is appreciated, it falls flat on its face due to anti-consumer, privacy-breaching mechanics, restricted home-screen customisation, embarrassingly lacklustre selfie camera and USB-C to AUX playback issues. Read below for more information.


    Beware that Google unnecessarily FORCES users to activate GPS LOCATION TRACKING for basic weather information (this is not normal – most other smartphones allow users to select their location from a list without any location tracking). It gets worse – if users decide to deactivate GPS location tracking, Google will punish them by breaking the weather widget on the home-screen which users are forced to look at.


    It’s well known that the lack of a standard 3.5mm AUX audio jack is despised by majority of smartphone users. The reason smartphone companies decide to remove the incredibly useful AUX jack is to push the Bluetooth accessory agenda. Phone companies expect a backlash for removing the AUX jack and they attempt to compensate the inconvenience it poses by providing a USB to AUX adapter. My Pixel 2 XL’s USB to AUX adapter does not work – It mistakes the AUX cable for a charging cable and does not play music. Google sent a replacement adaptor, but the issue was not resolved. How embarrassing that an $800 'smart' phone is too stupid to know the difference between an AUX input and USB charging.


    The front camera has a fixed focus, meaning that you cannot choose to focus on the background or foreground (This is not normal in high-end smartphones and Google makes a point of hiding this lacking specification). The fixed focus makes detailed close-up selfies impossible because the phone must be held 50cm from your face and that distance, all details are lost. The Chinese phone brand: Oppo, have better front facing cameras.


    This Pixel 2 wastes 8 home-screen icon spaces due to the non-removable Google search bar and weather widget. It’s insulting that users are refused the flexibility to customise their home-screen considering this phone costs $800.


    There is no full-screen gesture control mode akin to both iPhone and Oppo’s impeccable implantation. The Pixel 2 retains the old and ugly navigation bar at the bottom which makes the phone feel like it belongs in 2008. Google needs to swallow its pride and follow the trend of making the navigation bar transparent.

    THE VERDICT: Unfortunately, Google have demonstrated their anti-consumer and restrictive vision for their smartphones in the Pixel 2 XL. Google forces the users’ hand to activate GPS LOCATION TRACKING by punishing them with broken software if they don’t comply. Google don’t give their customers the flexibility to customise the home-screen to their liking. These are basic expectations for a modern smartphone and Google abysmally fails at delivering. I cannot recommend this phone.

  2. Ash Clark

    The blue tint lol, I've had the s9 plus, iPhone X, you name it and they all have a blue tint in some way or form. Why is the pixel any different, I have pixel 2 xl and screen is perfect, super clear, bright, who really cares that much about a bloody screen anyway!!

  3. parma990

    Hey I have a question if anybody can help me. Does pixel's 2 video recording( for.example. instagram stories) look as good as iphones? I mean smouth and clean espesially at nighr at clubs or concerts

  4. Denis Salijevic

    I don't agree with this guy becouse I had an iPhone X 256gb version and it's not a ''better phone''… My Pixel 2 XL has a better camera, better display, and no notch!

  5. TechThatYT

    I got mine for $50 off of Mercari Google locked. Bypassed it myself and it's my new main phone! It's not cracked besides on the back a tiny bit

  6. WetKid

    the pixel 2 xl screen is not bad. there is blue shift which is only noticable with a mostly white screen, i dont notice it at all otherwise, and even with the blue shift u dont notice it when you're actually using the phone. the screen gets very bright, and im using saturated colors and it really pops like other flagship phones. even tho the saturated option is like a tiny bit too saturated, its better than the default and boosted, boosted makes like a 10% change, not enough imo. rather have it a tiny bit too saturated than muted. i get their point about realistic colors, but so much of what we do on a phone isn't related to photography. its just nice to see icons and guis that pop at you with vibrant colors.

  7. Logan Krajzel

    My Pixel 2 front camera has stopped working, battery dies at >70, photo apps and phone calls crash the phone, speakers freeze when sound is too loud, videos from Instagram cause the screen to crash and go black randomly and once it is on the charger all is fine except the camera. My phone has never been dropped, I treat it better than myself and no water damage. Phone was only used for social media, YouTube, phone calls ect… Never anything sketchy. I've had it for 9 months as of December 2. All of this happened after the update to Android 9 or whatever it's called.

  8. VitoTheo

    Please let me know if they physically fixed the screen burn problem, not just with an update. I found a 2 XL for stupid cheap and the only thing preventing me from wanting it is the screen problems

  9. Waylander

    Put the brightness at 70% and select saturated in the color settings and you are good to go.
    Just paid $415.00 for a Black 128gb version in mint condition. I like it better than my Note 8.

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