Pixel 3 v OnePlus 6 with Google Camera Port Comparison – HDR+ Enhanced Edition

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50 Replies to “Pixel 3 v OnePlus 6 with Google Camera Port Comparison – HDR+ Enhanced Edition”

  1. Anonymous

    Gcam now it's crazy good, just have compared it to 5 moths ago versions and color reproduction and white balance at night it's crazy good, now equal to P3?

  2. David Cox

    Thanks for this comparison, I've been using the Pixel 3 Google Camera app on the Oneplus 6 for a while and the only thing that bugs me is that portrait mode is only working if there is a human face as the subject. Has anyone been able to do portrait shots with other objects?

  3. Wabajak13

    aaaaand the Pixel 3 is twice the price and has a much worse form factor (and no headphone jack). Yup, gonna be getting the OP6 thank you very much 😀

  4. Ronin R

    Gcam port for oneplus 3T has completely taken the camera to next level. There is no need to buy 6T ??
    Only thing is it takes 3 to 4 seconds to process the file which is very much OK since even new phones take some time to process the image.

  5. Sandy Kahlon

    Mate night sight function Google pixel cam is out for oneplus 6. It do wonders in low light. HDR OR HRD +E is way in past now. 1/4 shutter speed still no blurring in picture Today amazing. Make video on that

  6. Harshal Thakkar

    Awesome Jerome… My primary requirement is a good camera and a good speaker quality in a phone… I am spoilt by using moto x pure edition which i belive has one of the best sounding speakers front firing…. Even better than pixel 2 xl… I wanted to go for pixel 2 xl for its camera and front firing speakers but then lets say if i go with oneplus 6T would it come up with a mod to enable speaker from the top ear piece like they did with oneplus 6 and even if they do, would the speaker be any good compared to pixel 2 xl? Also i noticed the sock camera app of oneplus when you take a pic and try to pinch zoom it sort of pixelates.. Would the g cam improve on image resolution by increase the file size… Stock one plus app over sharpen image specially of people sometime so its difficult to zoom all the way in..

  7. Elli

    Where gcam really shines over the stick camera app is detail, especially in objects that are a bit closer to the camera. Stock might look better from afar but gcam is so much better up close.

  8. Karan Vijay Singh

    Excellent demonstration ?? but you should also show the difference in front can quality with Pixel 3 cam because that is HUGE. Under low light the front cam shots with gcam are not even comparable to the ones with stock camera.

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