Pixel 3 VS LG G7 ThinQ

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29 Replies to “Pixel 3 VS LG G7 ThinQ”

  1. Matthew B.

    I ordered the G7 through Fi because it was super cheap, like $350 after Fi promo credit. But unfortunately I'm returning it for the Pixel. I came from using an XS on Verizon and since I was returning to Fi I figured I'd also switch back to Android. Let me tell you, the performance on the G7 is garbage. Primarily with the camera. Sure it has great features, and can take good shots when you have time, but in my use it is SO slow to open. I took my 3 year old ice skating for the first time and out of the 10 pictures I took maybe two came out usable. Then I used it in optional lighting to take close ups of my XS sale, and on initial viewing they were good, but when I zoomed in to look for any cosmetic defects the pictures were not great. Also color and white point was noticably different on every shot. Having the XS and the Pixel 2 before that, the OS performance isn't even close on the G7, not awful but not great. Finally, the bottom speaker was virtually unusable in my opinion. I'm constantly covering it, then when I had to use it for a conference call ther voice quality at high volumes became so garbled due to the vibration. Phone is trash, not sure why it got the hype, I guess maybe the price is right if you can get it for <$400. Otherwise Pixel or One Plus.

  2. Phyowai aung

    This LG is not small and it's very tall but you put it in your hand look like so easy. I can't do like that with my hand. May be you has a big hand LOL

  3. William Hampton

    You are really great J. Keep up the great work, I wish I could say something doing prove you your videos but you're too good, I just plain can't I like everything

  4. Boss_Man_T

    LG will get Pie eventually. But LG with a good launcher like Nova will not disappoint, trust me. One thing with the LG is since it will likely be a carrier phone, you will have to shut off bloatware, turn off notifications for apps you don't use or can't disable. Then it will fly. J, your comments on standby battery life for the LG is right on, LG phones have the best standby time of all Android phones, I've found.

  5. Boss_Man_T

    People sleep on LG, which I think is due to past mistakes LG made in quality control. But the G6, V30 and G7 are excellent phones. I like them better than Samsung's offerings, which are good. But LG is just, in practice, better. LG's phones are sturdier, the flat screen works better in practice than the curved screen, battery stand-by time is better, LG's skin is less intrusive than Samsung's. Lot of value for the money.

  6. Bryan E

    Very Fair! Helping me decide on my next phone. And for the price of the lgg7 discounted down to 450 its almost a no brainer. I Love Vanilla Android and updates but it's not worth the price difference. Besides, i'll get a new phone in 2 or 3 years anyways.
    Thanks, Just found your channel.
    BTW, my current phone is the Moto z force original. My son will enjoy it with all the mods and i won't have to worry about him breaking the screen. I've had it for over 2 years without a case and it looks like new.

  7. DeadofWinter321

    Both are great devices. I loved the Theme Store on the G7 and the camera was really good! Not Pixel good, but I'd say better than the S9 and definitely the Note 9!

  8. Ed Hicks

    As tough as it is to admit, if money is your primary concern, I guess you're right.

    Personally, I really, really, don't like LG's skin. To give you an idea how much… I don't like Samsung's either and I like LG's less than Samsung's. For me, the software experience and camera are my top concerns. Despite that I think either phone could do me. I'm one to future proof and that's where for me the Pixel is head and shoulders above the LG. For me, security and platform updates are important too and LG just is not on the same level. I don't know if that's enough to justify the significantly higher price tag of the Pixel for everyone, but it is for me.

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