Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

Google Pixel 3 XL vs Apple iPhone XS Max Detailed Camera Comparison SuperSaf Style
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Comparing the selfie cameras, the 4K dual rear cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the Google Pixel 3 XL vs Apple iPhone XS Max for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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45 Replies to “Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison”

  1. Pamela Mazerolle

    My preference are the pixel images. They are sharper and more in focus. Many of the iphone images had blown out parts. It's much easier to recover from underexposure than overexposure.

  2. Foodie Medellin

    DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP! So… last year I bought the Google Pixel XL 2 because the camera was amazing. The models before reported issues with the camera app (issues Google couldn't give solutions to) stupidly I said to myself "that's alright, I'm sure by the time I get mine, they would have already found the solution, it's Google!" Less than a year after I bought the phone they made an update of the camera app and it destroyed it. Now I have a phone without a camera… it's useless! And of course they STILL haven't found a solution. Here's the thing, the same issue has been reported with the new model so if you're looking into getting this phone, don't be as stupid as I was and do not ignore the red flags. Since they wouldn't give me a solution I'm on a mission of letting people know the truth about their bogus expensive products, it was a very expensive mistake and now I'll have to find more money for a new phone ? #teampixel SUCKS!

  3. Cheezzjus

    Front Camera: Pixel

    Lowlight: Pixel

    Front Camera Dynamic Range: Pixel

    Front Camera Clarity: Pixel

    Back Camera: iPhone

    Video: iPhone

    Audio: iPhone

    Colour Accuracy: iPhone

    Back Camera Dynamic Range: iPhone

    Back Camera Clarity: iPhone

    Pixel: 4

    iPhone: 6

    Winner: iPhone

  4. Hjalmar Jönsson

    I would like to se Pixel 3 Xl vs Huawei P30 Pro. — P30 Pro have a better night and light camera then iPhone XS or i Phone 10s. I'm sure we want to see who have a better camera XS Max or P30 Pro in those case

  5. Tyler Tryon

    The Pixel 3 sound quality is the main thing that is really not great. Obviously there were a few other instances where it had some issues, but I would say that it's overall fantastic when just looking at the camera. I do wish it had a little better zoom and that audio quality once again is just terrible. I feel like I have a little better audio on my Pixel 2. Google didnt step it up enough for me to justify the upgrade this time around. hopefully the Pixel 4 shows us something better

  6. Annie Mullan

    Inaccurate points given, the pixel 3 xl had much better edge detection than the I phone Xs, the pixels camera is more accurate to a real life image than the I phone where the skin tone was pigmented too much, to the point where it looked like fake tan which it was not obviously.

  7. Symedge

    Imagine your walking minding your business, turn your head just to see this guy running towards you with a selfie stick looking thing with 2 phones.

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