Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max vs Note 9 | CAMERA SHOOTOUT

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It’s 2018 – You really can’t go wrong with any of the new smartphones on the market. All the cameras are amazing, but this one might be the most amazing ?

In this video, we show our first look at shooting with the Pixel 3 and comparing it to the iPhone XS Max and Galaxy Note 9.

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37 Replies to “Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max vs Note 9 | CAMERA SHOOTOUT”

  1. yafei wangzi

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    I was utterly disappointed and angry at the irresponsible customer service throughout.  

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    2) Later on, I found out from the order status that the goods were returned to the US at the Singapore checkpoint. There was a customs declaration issue. I asked the store to fix it and re-deliver the goods. They refused. They said I had to do a re-purchase. By this time, the promotion was already over and the prices were 40% higher. What's more, some of the items were no longer available.
    3) My original order had free shipping. The store deducted $5 from my refund, claiming that this was to cover the shipping costs. How ridiculous is this?
    A simple apology isn't going to compensate me for my loss. I didn't receive the goods I ordered. And I didn't even get a full refund ($5 shipping was deducted). And please don't use the excuse that the shipping provider was DHL and therefore there was nothing you can do. As a customer, I trust you to make good your word that you are able to deliver the goods to Singapore. If not, you shouldn't even be offering the service if you can't deliver what you promised. You wasted my time and my money, and I will never trust you again. Buyers, you've been warned!

  2. Onsamiy Onsamiy

    Fast question! Do I need to use the app for using the lease , or the app is just an adjustment in this case? I'm planing to buy xperia 1, and I'm sure that the Sony's app is a bit better… hopefully to receive an answer) thanks in advance)

  3. D.M.Turner

    The Note 9 is extremely over saturated and lacks contrast in bright light. The Pixel now has the NightSight feature and blows every phone out if the water when it comes to low light photography. It's insane how the feature works, like some little wizard is in the phone making magic happen.

  4. John Paul Alaba

    I wonder how the latest Samsung Galaxy S10+ performs together with a moment wide lens. I think that’ll be spectacular! Please do a review on it bro. ? I love your channel. The best!

  5. Life Lover

    For me, there is no better phone. U buy phones based on your preference and not because its the best. Whats best for one might not be best for another. At the end of the day, the best phone would be the one that is more practical, convenient and user friendly for you.

  6. thekaorucat

    The iPhone's photos are too grainy for me. The Pixel 3 XL takes some impressive photos despite having only one lens, but I'll have to give the overall to the Note 9. The dynamic range on the shadows seem pretty good. Plus, I am a fan of low light shots.

    P.S. The Pixel 3 XL's photos through the store's glass windows were particularly superb.

  7. Koahzy

    I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 6s and I currently have an iPhone XS and I must say, it is the worst phone I’ve ever gotten so far ! I have Verizon which is the top cell network where I live and I get no reception anywhere I go. Probably because the antenna bands are now made by a different company so with other things. Just a heads up to everyone out there, do not spend over 1k on this iPhone , it’s terrible .

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