Pixel 3a + 3a XL Impressions: A Nexus for 2019, or Google's $399 iPhone XR killer?

Google’s first affordable Pixel phones are here! Say hello to the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, starting at just $400 in the US!

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47 Replies to “Pixel 3a + 3a XL Impressions: A Nexus for 2019, or Google's $399 iPhone XR killer?”

  1. loseverette

    Thanks for the review. The no water resistant is  the biggest downer for me. I almost was gonna get this after my lease was up on my note 8 but i think I'm just gonna buy my phone when lease is up.  2 years later and the note is still superior to a lot of new mid range phones

  2. Huy Trần

    I can't wait till the full review, can I ask what's the quality of selfie pictures taken on the Pixel 3a/3a XL? And do they really have different screen ratio (18.5:9 vs 18:9)?

  3. starsShineInTheNight

    This phone looks great. However, my issue is PRIVACY in the Google ecosystem vs PRIVACY in the Apple system. Apple as far as I know isn't mining your data. Privacy is important. How do others feel about this? I think if there was some assurance of not using your personal data for ads or whatever, I would feel better… I know this is a general problem, but this is not a free item…

  4. Keith Luken

    Nice review. My 3A XL shows up in a few hours. Ditching my OnePlus 6 never been thrilled with its camera or quirks. Constant call quality issues no matter what carrier. Looking forward to pure Android and frequent updates. Google just needs to figure out the easy way Apple does phone upgrades. My wife gets a new iPhone and everything including apps is copied and restored in a few minutes. Google add a expandable storage and this phone is a killer.

  5. Michael

    It bothers me when people say its plastic THEREFORE no wireless charging. The lack of wireless charging is clearly a cost cut, nothing to do with the lack of glass back. We want premium plastic phones again, htc one x is still my favourite.

  6. m_harch

    What’s funny is my iPhone XR has issues with the camera. Won’t record video when you hit the button etc. I’ve seen some people complaining about it but I don’t know if it’s widespread enough for it to get bashed like the pixels

  7. pat cola

    Google did plastic right on this phone. It isn't that cheap hollow plastic that Samsung was known for.

    The 3a is light yet has a substantial feel to it. Solid build . Feels like an old Nokia Lumia.

    I actually preferred metal phones but this one has changed my mind .

    As long as they can make the plastic of a high quality then it's all good.

  8. Tobias Timothy

    My wife and I have S7 edges…. i couldn't fathom dropping 2k to get us new phones but this reviews and price points have me wanting to go ahead and pull the trigger.

  9. Abdulai Bah

    Headphone jack, no nutch, stereo speakers, top of the line camera…I'm definitely sold. Just one question: What was Google thinking about that ugly notch on the Pixel 3? Anyway I'm glad they realized their mistake.

  10. Noice99

    This was a good plan by Google. I have to admit. Get all those people holding out on upgrading due to Apples skyrocketing prices and give then a reason to buy another phone on Google's ecosystem. With these being on practically all the carriers will make these sell real well.

  11. Matt Toly

    Plastic is more durable than metal or glass. No one ever heard of a bending phone until they made them from metal. No one ever was called an idiot for carrying a phone in their pocket until they started bending. Apple said they were making theirs out of metal to make it more "jewelry like" to justify the high price they were charging. Yay for them, then Android oems are like, everyone wants metal phones. Now they are making phones all glass. Idiotic, lol. Tip, make the battery removable

  12. Salty jr

    Right now we can all agree the phone business is moving way too fast, or at least in the asian market it is, so google is just making a move to test the market…

  13. Kevin Davis

    I've had the notch on my 3 XL concealed from developer settings since day one. I've recently turned off everything "digital well being" related and have noted a marked improvement in performance, give it a try.

  14. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Google should follow Amazon's philosophy, and that is to "operate at a loss" in some departments, and making it up in other departments. Google could totally flood the market with these suckers if they had better marketers. Making this thing $200, and it will be in everybody's hands. And for that kind of price, most people won't even bother putting a case on it, and their phone will be slimmer as is.

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